Paleo Hebrew and the awesome letter by letter meanings

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  1. this post was actually in another thread, but it opens the door to Paleo Hebrew which is a most amazing study

    iow we can study God's words by sentences which are made up of multiple words

    or we can study God's words by words which are made up of multiple letters

    it has been discovered that Hebrew words are actually sentences also when you study the meaning of each letter in a Hebrew word, as Abdicate shows here:

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  4. Wait until you learn the math of the bible! Pi is in Gen 1:1 and John 1:1 has energy (e).
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  5. awesome

    i saw someone's youtube work on alma - virgin

    they proved by the Hebrew letters that alma is a young unmarried woman who still hides at home in the tent

    this kind of study is so exciting that you can't help but praise God
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  6. Forgive me if this is not the right thread to ask this question, but how reliable is the king James with the strong version? Not necessarily for the paleo.. but for study in general
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  7. imo every version, including kjv has mistranslations

    that is why the Greek or Hebrew is a better study source

    kjv version says man was created a little lower than the angels, but the Hebrew says man was created a little lower than Elohim : Psalms 8:5, Hebrews 2:7
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  8. Is there a good app that has a good hebrew/english translation? I have tried to read the abp and the cjb, to gain a better grasp on some things and see if I can tell the difference. I also have the king James with the strong numbers included, but from how Yahovah was explained... it does seem to be different.

    However I also realized that I wrote it wrong.. should have been yehovah. But if the way they put the strongs numbers with the kjv... maybe it would be better to change what i am reading and using to study with?

    Any thoughts Abdicate to add to truthfrees thoughts?
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  9. there are 2 free downloadable programs that i use together

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    i only have a laptop and a dumbphone cellphone

    calling on other techies to give better answers than i have
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  12. Thank you sir, for searching... that was really kind.

    However I read the reviews and from what i read and the Holy Spirit guidance.. ill stick with the "my sword" that i have... for i have the hisb downloaded in it. I just wanted to make sure it was on the up and up. I keep forgetting i have it, and sometimes question it's validity.

    But if the Holy Spirit reminded me... I must have a good one... cuz He never leads us astray :)

    Blessings in abundance to you and your family!
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  13. MySword Bible is a good one for Android. It has Thayer for Greek and BDB for Hebrew. Both are what I use.
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  14. P.S. Anything translated into another language has a degradation and misunderstandings. The translators have a bias even if they intend not to have one. Then there's the loss of cultural significant and nuances. But God's word is so powerful that it's still powerful through any translation. There are so many gems, and in the end, it's the live relationship with the Lord and the duty of the Holy Spirit to teach a teachable heart that we don't need the written words, for they are written on our hearts and in the stars.
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  15. amen

    dave roberson would pray in the spirit over the bible as he read it

    many times he asked his assistant to find out what the Greek/Hebrew said and before the assistant could come back with an answer, dave got the same answer from the Holy Spirit first

    so i guess being led by the Holy Spirit first and last is sufficient

    i heard a testimony that the Chinese christians have no bibles, yet their contagious faith and personal knowledge of God is outstanding

    thank you both for reminding me that God is really all i need

    other things may be available, but seeking God rather than other resources is still the best way
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