Pakistan: Mob Assaults Christians with Axes, Guns - Worthy News

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  1. Pakistan: Mob Assaults Christians with Axes, Guns - Worthy News

    Christian families fled a Pakistani village in Punjab province this week after an armed mob injured Protestants preparing for an evangelistic meeting, the victims’ lawyer said.

  2. Please PRAY for these people!
    :groupray: ​
  3. the victims lawyer said.?
  4. sorry this is hear say.
  5. You mean that they are lying on the Christians, SM?
    Most likely you are right!
  6. maybe true but to me it seems its mostly hear say .cunning satan pushes us his way without knowing.
  7. We can't comfortably assume any of this violence is heresay though, SC.
    There are too many witnesses and it is happening everywhere.
    People even dying!
  8. Its not uncommon at all. I've been hearing such news back home in India and there are so many Christians praying about it. Certain villages are harder to reach because they may be ruled by dangerous people. The government cannot do anything about it because some of these dangerous men have politicians in high places. They help the politicians and in turn they get all they want from them.

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