opposite of the word

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  1. opposite of the word

    everything they do they try to be the opposite.copying ,pressurizing,belittling you.making you look bad.take heart people read the word then you will pick up on it.:jesus-sign:
  2. Amen, SC.
    That is the devil's plan but we have to stand tall for The Lord through it all!
  3. i started hving my copying doubts in genesis,and it follows on through the OT think it ends with joel in it,this is were i think God outsmarts the copier.and to finalise this jesus says so to said copiers followers.something like which is good in my sight.:jesus-sign:read the truth.
  4. Are you speaking of the hypocrites, SC?
    People who pretend to be one thing but are not?
  5. either a change in words or something im not sure.
  6. SC, you think the Bible was copied wrong?
    If so, explain why.:)
  7. no i have no ideas if the bible is complete or have books been kicked out,this might give more clarity.
  8. starts with genesis the 2 beginnings,heaven and earth ,earth and heaven.personally the second sounds like a copy because of the stating of gold,temptation.then God changes abrams name,seems like a scripture battle all the way through.but then in joel,it seems blatant and there satan slips up.jesus mentions God nearly all the time.God made both men and women.when he mentions thus said lord,you would have to read it .but jesus is then Lord of Lords,so there is no room for him to copy anymore.so then he tries changing texts from the start.in my version of kjv it shows a lot of them with a black mark .im looking into it anyways.:)
  9. also jesus says there are 12 hours of light which not to stumble.this trinity thing just doesn,t sit right with us.
  10. SC, The Bible says that in the beginning was the word and that the word was with God and the word was God.
    It continues to say that the word (GOD) was made flesh (Jesus) to dwell among us.
    God is Lord-Jesus is Lord.

    Jesus said that He and His father are ONE.

    Thomas referred to Jesus as, "My Lord and my God".
  11. all before me were liars and thieves.more than meets the eye.im working on it.:)
  12. Yes, but on here you have Christian friends, SM.
    What is there more to than meets the eye?
    Be specific~:)
  13. no what i mean is i have 3 diffrent bibles from 3 diffrent times,and words do change.so im researching.good friends on here.:)

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