Only Jesus

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  1. Only Jesus

    Only Jesus!

    Then Peter, James, and John looked, but they saw only Jesus
    there alone with them.

    -- Mark 9:8 (ERV)

    If God's message to Jesus' followers in the previous verse about
    listening to Jesus as their primary source of God's revelation was
    ignored, then the disappearance of Moses and Elijah made God's point
    clear. The Father wanted Jesus to be honored, revered, followed, and
    obeyed. Jesus is the one to whom they and we must listen!


  2. In light of all that is happening in this world around and about us, our only hope is Jesus. All we do and say will be recorded and we the church will be held accountable for our actions. There are many jesus's in this world but we serve the true and faithful Lamb of God . You and I know that we need to be faithful servants of the Lord, always putting Him first and following His promises.


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