One thing you're annoyed with into three things you're thankful for.

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  1. We have a lot to be thankful for -- God blesses us everyday, even when we're at the worst of times. It's easy to forget them.

    One thing I've been trying to do more often in my relationship with Him is to express my thankfulness. I forget to do it so often.

    Here's the idea. Think of something that you're annoyed with or upset about, and think of three things connected to that thing that you're thankful for.

    Here's a funny one. I'm annoyed that one of my favorite pairs of jeans shrank in the wash and have now become jeggings. I am thankful for a wonderful wife who is always happy to do the laundry. I'm also thankful for my job, which if I were to walk in wearing said jeggings, I'd surely be fired for indecency. Lastly, my wife warned me not to have the jeans washed because they could shrink. I am thankful for great advice, even when I'm too foolish to take it.

    Your turn.
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  2. I have a powerful sense of smell, so I'm thankful you washed your jeans :p :LOL: :ROFLMAO:
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  3. Very good point. That is one issue that both Jesus and Mary have spoken about in their conversations with various saints and seers. People tend to not be very grateful for the little things in life, that if they go wrong become very big things.
    A grateful attitude is a true gift, both from God and to God.
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  4. Finally I started to write a diary of good things that happened. I am not a fan of diaries and I am rather sceptical, grumbling often and struggling with depressive mood. I hope that this will help me to be more grateful for good things that I have :)
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  5. I guess this is a nice perceptive into things, like today, I'm sort of upset with my Aunt because of her post in facebook. Social media can't be really helpful sometimes, I think. Anyway, because of your post, I began to think that I should be thankful that I still have an aunt who treats me well, who, when I was still in college, helped me out in many ways in my studies and an aunt who I know, cares for me. A single comment shouldn't ruin our relationship. And I humbly admit that I always forgot to thank God for all the things he provide and I tend to focus on negative things. So thank you for sharing this.
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