One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism. Eph 4:5

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  1. One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism. Eph 4:5

    One lord means That there is one father in hevaen which is God

    What is the on faith? Is it the faith in Jesus christ that through him we are all saved?

    One baptism means that we are ALL (everyone who is a believer and has the Holy Ghost) are baptised in the Holy Ghost.

    I just dont know what the One Faith is.... someone let me know biblically please... Thanks :)
  2. one lord means what it says.jesus is the only LORD.but the father is it with the key.
  3. ot was a fight through people.
  4. One Lord is Jesus Christ, the head of the church
    The one faith is the Gospel message of Jesus Christ as you have stated.
  5. Yes, the One Faith is The Gospel; The Truth~
  6. Okay Thanks I have got it straight now!:)
  7. LORD references God the Father, whereas Lord is Lord Jesus, God in the flesh. The way I see it, the one faith is simply believing that Jesus was truly God in a Man, and that by believing that, and acting upon our belief as He commands, we are saved. The Gospel :)

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