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  1. Once upon a time there was a family with three children of varying ages from 6 to 16. The parents constantly tried to teach their children about purity in life and how evil things, even in tiny doses, will have inevitably have an effect on you if you do not guard against them. However, like most young people who knew better, the children decided not to understand what their parents were talking about. The kids understood the concept well enough, they just didn’t believe it applied to them personally.

    Well, after a great many talks and punishments dealing with foul language, the content of their entertainment, constant rudeness to their siblings, and persistent disobedience the parents had finally had enough and decided it was time for an object lesson.

    They cooked a massive and terrific dinner that included all of the children’s favorite dishes. The mom also cooked up a chocolate pound cake with thick icing just the way the whole family loved it.

    When dinner time came around the kids were curious about what made the meal so special and asked “Why?”. Both the parents said that it was just a way of showing their love for their children and to go ahead and dig in. Well the kids gorged themselves, and so did Mom and Dad, and the time came for desert. Mom went into the kitchen and came to the table with the chocolate pound cake already cut up and ready to serve. She dished it out to the kids and when she came to the dad, he declined and said that he was too full, but he might have some later. Mom said that seemed like a good idea for her as well.

    The kids dug in with typical childish zesto as kids always have room for desert, but when they asked for a second piece of cake they noticed something. The parents were glad to give them more cake, but the kids had finally noticed the look on their parent’s faces. Their parent’s faces had that “GOTCHA” look. When the mom saw that the kids finally noticed something she said that she was glad they liked the cake because she had tried something new.

    Well at the word “new” the kids started to get worried. Maybe mom had figured out a way to make the cake healthy or something, so they asked what she tried. The mom said that she had added just a very tiny bit of a very special ingredient, but made sure that it was thoroughly mixed into the whole cake and even the frosting. When the kids asked what the special ingredient was, the mom said they shouldn’t worry about it. After all it was only a tiny amount and they hadn’t even noticed it. Well, kids being kids, they wouldn’t let go of it, so finally the dad broke down and told them what the special ingredient was. “It was dog poop from the yard next door”.

    The silence at the table was deafening. After a few moments and saying “no way, you wouldn’t do that” a number of times, the kids finally saw the serious looks on their parent’s faces and the panic set in. They started clawing at their tongues, gagging, and running to the bathroom to throw up. When the panic and disgust calmed to a somewhat more manageable level, the accusations started. The parents listened for a few minutes and then the dad finally said “Be quiet and sit down!” in a raised and very stern voice that allowed no other options. When the kids complied, Dad turned to Mom and said “The floor is all yours, Dear”.

    Mom made sure the kids were paying attention and then very calmly asked the kids what the problem was. The jumbled and angry replies about poison, evil, that’s just wrong, etc… went on for a few minutes. When the kids stopped talking, Mom pointed out how often those same complaining children had pointed out that just a little of something didn’t matter, and how just a little bit of a bad thing wouldn’t bother anything. Once again, the silence at the table was so intense that you could almost hear an audible click from the kid’s heads as they got the message.

    Mom passed the floor over to Dad and he calmly explained how a little bit of something always has an effect and how this principle applies to behavior as well as food.

    Now most of us understand the principle of contamination and how it applies to our lives. We have heard multiple sermons and lessons on how lying, violence, pornography, idolatry, and various other things can have a profound effect on our relationship with Jesus and each other. It is easy to see how those things can affect us and those around us. Very few of us would disagree with that principle.

    So why are we not applying that principle to the church?

    Philippians 1:27-29, Philippians 2:14-16, 1 Timothy 5, 2 Timothy 2:22-26, Titus 2, 1 Peter 2:1-3 and 11-12, and 1 John 3:1-10
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  2. This post made me think...

    It is the enemy that sows discord among the brethren.
    I think the reason why church is not perfect is because theres wheat and tares...and tares look just like wheat but you dont know it till harvest time and you see they dont have fruits.
    And wolves come in because there is no watchman guarding the gate. When you cast out demons, you have to make sure that person is saved first and sealed so that demons dont come back in. Otherwise its seven times worse.
    In individual lives its because people havent applied Jesus blood to their sins..they have not submited to God and resisted the devil.

    I think sometimes God teaches his children in hopes they repent and does use what we see as harsh punishments..in the OT remember all those that were swallowed up by the ground as they were disobedient! He wants a holy people.

    Now that we have Jesus I think some think their sins are covered therefore they dont need to do anything about them! That is a popular teaching that grace is unmerited. But people seem afraid to cross the Jordan river to get to the other side, they prefer to stay outside the promised land. Well God cant give you his promises if you refuse to walk! There is grace upon grace when you start walking in the light!

    I cant say that the church over the entire earth is not applying these principles. How would I know, Im not God. But hopefully each local church is. If not, you may be in the wrong church, run by hirelings, and not led by the Good Shepherd. This is what God does to goats..he lets them go. He keeps the sheep.
  3. Oh, here we go again, Lanolin---God's grace IS unmerited favour. That is not a popular teaching. It is what the word of God teaches.

    Do you really think that we have to do something to earn God's grace? This is what you are saying by your rejection of the meaning of God's grace. You are actually saying you are a proponent of salvation by performance.
  4. Well, hold on just a minute. Only the line you highlighted in that paragraph is wrong, the rest of what she is saying is correct. Her view is just a little skewed by this one point.
  5. Right. It is extremely odd to continue to deny what God's grace is, and then to be effusive about how wonderful it is.
  6. ? If you gonna point out the mote in my eye, can you please remove your own first?
    Thank you. Be blessed.
  7. I dare not approach a person with a mote unless I have already dealt with mine, as the word instructs.

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