Numerous Christians do not know

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  1. Numerous Christians do not know

    "Numerous Christians do not know how to glorify God in their eating and drinking. They do not eat and drink simply to keep their body fit for the Lord's use but indulge to satisfy their personal desires. We should understand that the body is for the Lord and not for ourselves; hence we should refrain from using it for our pleasure. Food ought not hinder our fellowship with God since it is to be taken purely to preserve the body in health."
    Watchman Nee
  2. Amen.

    And the energy is to be used.
  3. I don't think there's anything wrong with enjoying/loving food-as long as we don't love it more than we love the Lord.
  4. No argument here and that is certainly not what brother Nee was saying.:)
  5. But I do think too many people forget that "the body is a temple" even in regards to the food we eat --- just as we shouldn't treat it badly with drugs or get drunk ... we shouldn't overeat either. Everything in moderation. (Well, maybe not everything ;))
  6. Yeah, but what about CHOCOLATE ?
  7. I'm with you Bonnie .Chocolate is my weakness and why do they always put the chocolate at the check out counter so while I am waiting I am faced with the delema.????? Hmmmm :eek::eek::eek:
  8. Then this begs the ? Is there chocolate in heaven?
  9. Maybe. And there must be bagels, because there's cream cheese.

  10. Ha ha !!!!! but chocolate is better.


  11. Of course there is!! Chocolate is not sinful. Heaven is going to be much like life we know here on earth, except without sin!!
    We will be physical/spiritual beings (just like we are now)
    We will eat, (possibly even sleep) dance, sing, work, create, love, engage in conversations, build, buy, sell, dream, learn, grow, explore, worship. We will do all this and more, without the fear of death, without the fear of bad people in the world (because only Gods children will be there and we will all be transformed to His love and character.) We will no longer dread the passage of time because we will have all eternity. We will feel safe in our Fathers arms because He will be there in our presence and we will be in His.
  12. Work!? :eek:


    Jk, even a day of work on earth feeling God's presence is more fun than doing anything without.
  13. Chocolate makes me feel better when I'm upset. I can't eat chocolate in moderation sometimes. I just can't!!:D
  14. Yup ..... I know that feeling . Yesterday , I said I would pass and ended up buying two bars of Swiss Chocolate and guess what they are gone today. Well they were on sale 2 for $ 2.00. with an offer like that well.....
  15. Come out you chocolate spirit!
  16. :

    Ha ha.
  17. Questions...

    Please explain... I have some questions... (sort of tongue in cheek, I suppose...)

    Build ? (Mansions?), buy (with what currency? Dollars? Pounds? Pesos? Euros?), sell, work (where? golden brick factories?) sleep? (you think we will get tired?)

    And then... why should we fear death or bad people, even in this world? Aren't we Sons and Daughters of God even now...?

    Off topic, I know, just playing a little devils' advocate. Cheers//Dave

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