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    I really really need some guidance. I do not have a mentor. I don't know what to do in this situation.

    I am working in this job in a short-term position where I am getting paid a "stipend." Thus far my assignments have been mainly doing a research assignment or a small assignment related to various matters/"case". I haven't been assigned responsibility for a case or matter to handle on my own. My role has really been a bunch of ad hoc assignments where I dabble in many different assignments and essentially help and assist the permanent employees.
    Back in June I was given a research assignment which I looked into and completed at that time. I was given a pretty narrow question and I felt I answered the question. No other assignment was given to me and I was not told to take on the responsibility of doing the next task.

    Now, three months later, one of the permanent employees ("Vickie") has approached me asking whether this one task, which would have been based on my research answer, was ever completed. I told her that the last I knew of what happened was that I gave my research and that the secretary had called somebody and that's all I know about where that ended up. I believe we were waiting on somebody else to do something. Which i then looked into and discovered (today) was never done. However throughout the day Vickie kept coming to me with questions about it, and I started feeling responsible. Like maybe i WAS supposed to have done this task. And i started to get nauseous and defensive, trying to "CYA". but after time being able to think rationally, I know that I was NEVER told to do the task. yet I can't help but feel responsible.

    I am writing here today to ask for peace of mind and wisdom to know what to do. It's a fairly serious thing that this task wasn't done. I want to know why my reaction was to feel nauseous and want to throw up. Does anybody know?
    I am planning to ask to speak to my supervisor tomorrow about the expectations of my role, and determine whether I am supposed to not only do the research assignment, but then be responsible for additional stuff, even though nobody ever explicitly told me to do it.
    I really need Jesus to get me through this .i know it seems minor, but the way Vickie was coming at me today, it made me really defensive and caught off guard. She is bringing up something up from three months ago.

    I also looked at my note that i made back at that time that essentially provides the answer to the narrow question, dated back in June. And there is also a note from the secretary explaining what she had done. But now the question I am getting now almost imply I had more involvement in this matter than I feel I had. As far as I know my involvement was limited to the research question. That's also what I plan to ask my supervisor tomorrow - to clarify my role in these matters when I am given a single / narrow assignment. I just need Jesus because I am feeling anxious and scared. I also don't know if it's normal to feel physically sick when something like this happens. Especially in a job where these people aren't even paying me a dime, and I won't be employed there long term. Like, why am I so concerned? Why do I care?
    I just know that if it WAS my assignment, I would have been on top of it! I don't want my employers to think I dropped the ball.
    As far as I knew, all my work gets reviewed by one of the other employees... Once I had provided my answer to them, that was my involvement. But this is not the first time I have had an issue with this particular employee. She strikes me as a scatter brain who puts things off to the last minute. And it makes me anxious! How does a Christian handle this situation!?
  2. Doesn't sound like you did anything wrong, just tell your boss the truth. As far as your anxiety, it's a good thing you're asking why you're anxious but only you can know that, but from what you said the reasons you're anxious seem to be stated by yourself in your post. Anyways, I wouldn't get defensive with Vickie, idk how she is talking to you but it only sounds like she is trying to figure out what is going on from what you've written.
  3. you sound like a person who wants to do a good job but there are things you can't know and can't control, that's every job,
    so give it to God, the supervisor if they have any brains will also know about Vicki and will be understanding about your questions.
    Sometimes you can avoid people who get in your head, but not really, their everywhere,
    so its up to you to sit down and say to yourself " I've done the best I can and I have nothing to answer for",
    if I made a mistake let someone tell me then I can avoid that in future, we all make mistakes.
    Watch your mouth, too many words can cause trouble, its not my job to explain to the boss his other employees have faults, hes the boss.
    say after me: Lord you know my heart, I tried to do the right thing, guard me and help me in this situation and give me peace, amen.

    I would like to say this that all work, ALL work, is given by God as a testing ground,
    the world is a stage and we are actors, the outcomes may seem important but what is important
    is who we are, who we are as people, how we love and relate to others,
    who you will become will be remembered long after macdonalds and starbucks and fedex are nothing but dust in eternity.

    that's my two cents worth.
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  4. It sounds like one thing I ran into a lot. I/it's called the blame game. Something didn't get done, or not done correctly. So then people start blaming others because no one will step up and accept responsibility. I got to where I disliked it so much that when it started happening I would step up and say, 'I accept full responsibility for Everything, Now, that is settled and how can we move on and fix the situation.'

    Just me, but I would go to my supervisor and tell them, Hey, this never got completed. I thought it was completed as far as I was concerned. I thought another employee was going to finish it, but I guess that never happened. I would like to step up and see about completing this.

    Doing that will show a few things. 1. That your concerned about the company and making sure things get done, and done right. 2. It will show initiative on your part.

    Also, this may be just a short lived job, but if you make a good impression it could lead to a full time position, maybe a promotion, or at least a good letter of recommendation when this job is over.

    And lastly, Seek God in all that you do.

    I hope this helps and I was on topic along your situation.
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  5. Sounds like you work in one of those fields where mistakes aren't really tolerated (even though we all make them). I don't want to agree with Dumpster because I understand where he is coming from and it points to something unpleasant, but I suspect he is spot on. I like the advice component as well. No matter what, try to recall that the worst case scenario is still not the end of the world and the best case will not make you king of it. We are to live as Christ directs and confess our sins with repentance. The rest is up to Him.

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