No Trial is Meaningless

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  1. I was listening to my CD by Shane and Shane and this song came on at the end, and of course I started bawling my eyes out in view of the trial the Lord has seen fit to allow in my life---namely the abandonment of two of our grown daughters (plus two grandchildren). Such pain, and seeming death of hopes.

    Holy Spirit speaks and says, "I love you and I am with you---always. Bring joy to My heart and worship me in your grief and loss. I will more than make it all up to you." My tears were no longer of sorrow, but of sweet communion with my Jesus.

    It will be worth it all.
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  2. Very nice testimony and song! (and I'm sorry to hear about your situation.) :(

    I still have a hard time with the song saying "if you ruin me" - that's not God's doing. I know we've hashed out Job to death, but let's look at Joseph then. We know the outcome, but before his brothers sold him into slavery, was it God's plan, or did God change the outcome based on the faithfulness of the one suffering the evils of others? Look at it like this: if there were no sin in the world would God have sold Joseph into slavery? Not at all. So why would we think God did anything except correct what others do in sin? We all suffer persecution, but aside from that, it's sin that causes issues in our lives. Some sin in us, some sin in our immediate family, and some sin in people we don't even know. It's sin not God's doing. So if I had to sing that song, I'd say "if sin ruin me"... ;)
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  3. I absolutely have the understanding that the Lord Himself is not the one who orchestrates the ruination of people. Satan has his hand in there, just as he did in Job's life. I see how Job came to the point in his suffering that God was the source of his turmoil. God does remove things from our lives for our ultimate good, and those times in our lives are received as losses in the human way of seeing things. We cannot see around corners, but God sees it all.

    What has happened to me has been of the enemy, and of our children succumbing to him, but in Jesus we have sweet comfort and joy in knowing that God sees it all, and He will make it worth our while to go through this time of loss---as Joseph said in

    Genesis 50:20a
    As for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it for good
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