No Place for Jesus in This World

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  1. There is no doubt about it Jesus is a stranger in this world. It is not man that has made this so, it is God the Father. To understand this message, read and study the 17th chapter of John. It will give you a clear understanding of how Christ saw Himself in the world. Christ will be excepted on this earth only when He has put down all His enemies.

    When Christ was on this earth He longed for the glory he had with the Father before the world began John 17:5. What a thought, could Christ have been unhappy with the world, No. If He was unhappy, it was with people in the world and perhaps His own followers. Yet there were those who wanted to see Christ at great cost to themselves.

    There were two Greeks on Palm Sunday who wanted to see Christ. They came saying "sirs we would see Jesus" John 12:21. Simeon and Anna lived only to see the Christ child, Luke 3:26 and 37.
  2. That said, millions still follow Him and yearns for Him like those Greek people.
    Do not discount them, but we should get to a position of servitude towards them, for they are our brothers and sisters.
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  3. My apologies I posted too soon.

    And then there were the wise man who wanted to see Jesus. These are but brief illustrations of the price people paid to see Jesus. But if anyone wanted to see Him today, where is He?

    Look at the record of Christ without a place in this world.

    In John 17 he mentions the world 18 times and some of the times He mentions it critically.

    There was no place for Christ when He was born in Bethlehem.

    He said that He had no place to lay His head. In his death there was no tomb of His own. Even the birds were better off than He.

    Christ had no place in politics then or now.

    Christ has no place in education today, but there is a place for evolution and the sorts.

    Christ has no place in modern religion because most do not have an understanding of the born-again miracle. This means that there is no place in religious humans for Christ to live.
    Today, however, Christ has a place to live. Today, Christ is no stranger to the believers who have had a revelation of Christ in them. Today, the time has come when Christ is joined to the human spirit and lives internally with that believer. Christ is back on this earth living His life through bodies that God prepared in His own image and likeness. From the beginning God planned that the spirit of man would be taken over by a new Spirit and life--the Christ life--and today there are many who have had a revelation of Christ in them, they give a home to Christ on this earth.
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  4. Look at the record of Christ without a place in this world.

    Likely because He came from another kingdom.:D
    And so do we.(y)
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  5. His spirit is in us.
    Its amazing how the Holy Spirit works. But, best thing is, we are going to actually see him in person when he returns. When he sets up his Heavenly Kingdom. I am really looking forward to the day...we will wake up in our brand new glorified bodies.

    Till then we need to be the best ambassodors for Christ that we can.
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  6. If one looks at some of the things that you have no room in Bethlehem when He was born...God used some of the things to symbolize what He would mean to us.

    For instance, Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger. When a baby lamb was born prior to Jesus, and specifically to be sacrificed, the owners or the priests wrapped the baby in swaddling cloths to keep the baby lamb from getting any marks on it, so that it would be acceptable to God.

    Another interesting fact is that the manger (because it was a place to eat) symbolizes that He is the bread of life. The one of whom we partake in His body to become heirs of the Kingdom.

    And again in the tomb, the place where He was laid resembles the mangers back then. They were stone and not wooden.

    I think that Jesus was grieved with the attitudes of the hearts of the people who chose not to accept Him. They chose to stay in their ways instead of grabbing ahold of His ways. But in all reality, it was a good thing because then the gospel was then given to the gentiles as well.

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