No one has dime.

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  1. No one has dime.

    A poem about todays slow economy. Cheers :)

    Today I'll just play chess
    But tomorrow I'll just see
    What things are in store for me

    Because you see
    I don't have a lot of money

    So I keep myself tight
    From activities in life

    Especially the kind
    That take and consume time

    Because time is money
    And money the funnies

    The times are high
    High in no dime

    No one has dime
    To buy any lime

    There's high poverty like high crime
    Today tomorrow and for some time

    God giveth and taketh away
    But He is just and will repay

    But for now don't know why He hath taketh
    We will see in the days when we awaketh

    Awaketh, meaning strengthened
    Strenghtened after chastened

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