No Love like a Mother's Love

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  1. No Love like a Mother's Love

    "No Love like a Mother's Love"

    This is an early "Happy Mother's Day" to all the Mothers.

    There is no love, like a mother's love,
    no stronger bond on earth...
    like the precious bond that comes from God,
    to a mother, when she gives birth.

    A mother's love is forever strong,
    never changing for all time...
    and when her children need her most,
    a mother's love will shine.

    God bless these special mothers,
    God bless them every one...
    for all the tears and heartache,
    and for the special work they've done.

    When her days on earth are over,
    a mother's love lives on...
    through many generations,
    with God's blessings on each one.

    Be thankful for our mothers,
    for they love with a higher love...
    from the power God has given,
    and the strength from up above.

    Jill Lemming
    God Bless You All,
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  2. :israel:
    to all mothers
    The mother with her first child,
    Her heart full of joy,
    She gave birth to a boy,
    God gave her beauty & wisdom,
    To God she gave her life to be in his Kingdom.

    She hears the babe cry,
    He is the apple of her eye,
    He grows, he listens to his mothers advice,
    He becomes very wise,
    His mother is careing for her child,
    Knowing that he will never be lost in the wild.

    He will be with her for always,
    She ponders all this in her heart,
    Knowing that they will never part,
    A Mothers love will never die.

    "Material Copyright by ramon" 22/3/06

  3. :israel: :israel:

    They are Beautiful

    Mothers are beautiful, loving and careing,
    On washing days all the clothes are out airing,
    She is a teacher,driver,cleaner, nurse,
    She tends to all the hurts.

    Children are born to her,she holds them in her arms,
    She will make sure that they come to no harm,
    They grow up and go to school,
    All this time she still keeps her cool.

    Mothers take their children to learn about Jesus,
    Hoping that they will not make a fuss,
    She saw them get married,
    And thru their early life they got carried.

    The Mother sees her children grow into fine people,
    She knows that they will always get over the steeple,
    She is proud of her children.

    We all should be thankful for our Mothers. :)

    "Material Coyright by ramon" 25/3/06
  4. thanks sis for the beautiful poem and words!
    It teared me up!! You are such a sweet sister! May God bless and take care of you and it is so great that you are here to bring such wonderful things!!!

  5. Hi its me I'm back but I need my old site if I can please
    Raymond, great poem

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