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  1. Faith is always required and has always been required of God's people. Jesus has always been the way. He fulfilled the law and revealed Himself as the way that we are saved through our faith in Him.

    There is no other way and no justification for our sin, but people keep trying to find one.

    Here are some common self-justifications for sin:
    1) If I hadn't been exposed to it, then I wouldn't have sinned…

    2) If I had just been left alone to do the right thing then I wouldn't have sinned...

    3) If I had just had a good mentor to show me the way then I wouldn't have sinned...

    4) If I had just been shown what I had to do then I wouldn't have sinned...

    5) If someone would have just stopped and kept others from hurting me then I wouldn't have sinned...

    6) If I had known that God loved me, I wouldn't have sinned...

    7) If I had just had proof that God was real and in control, then I wouldn't have sinned...

    8) If I hadn’t wanted for anything, then I wouldn't have sinned…

    9) If following God hadn’t been so hard, I wouldn’t have sinned…

    Those self-justifications are worthless. What excuse is there that God has not shown as false?
    1) In the garden, man had everything and was completely innocent.

    2) In the days before the flood man was left to his own devices.

    3) With the patriarchs leadership of man was given over to wise men.

    4) With the law we were given a step by step (with exhaustive detail) pattern to follow.

    5) With the kings and judges we were given one person with absolute authority

    6) With the sacrifice of Jesus someone else paid the price and gave us the Holy Spirit to enable us to do all things .

    7) During the millennia reign Jesus Himself will rule and lead with indisputable power.

    In each of these ages people still sin. We still reject God. Man does not change.
    Right up until the moment of the judgment people think they will have excuses for their rejection of Jesus, but there will be no excuse.
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  2. I sometimes make excuses for sinning, but I always come back to the truth that I sinned and I always come back to repentance.
  3. Life is kind of like a revolving door then huh Juk ? You keep going around and around and around and not ever getting any where. One day you will get dizy enough to realise it is time to stop this cycle of living like this........ ;)

    Just dont wait too long .............. It bites when you look back and realise how much life you have wasted and this life is a gift from God. Another tid bit of gets worse the older you get..... ;)

    Think about this for a minute or two -
    God Bless
    not so dizy any more Jim
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