No Christ in Christmas?

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Whirlwind, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. This past Sunday, my pastor spoke of a similar type of incident where he lives. His homeowners association sent out their monthly newsletter and calendar and on it they had the holidays "Chanukkah" and "Kwanzaa" listed, but for December 25th it just said "Happy Holidays." The pastor said that his wife, his mother, and a couple of other ladies from the church went to the home owners meeting and raised up the issue of them excluding the word "Christmas". The association apologized and promised that the following year it would be back in.
  2. Pretty sick society that we are living in. All the trees here are called holiday trees.
  3. This makes me want to hang a big sign in front of my house, saying,
    "Happy Birthday, Jesus!"

    Too bad I live on a dead-end street!
  4. I'll donate the light-bulbs for that sign, Violet!:)
  5. I am really thinking about it, Whirlwind!
    I hadn't even thought of lights~even better!! :):D
  6. CS, that is funny in one of those sadly funny ways, that you cannot help but laugh at the ridiculousness of them calling it a "nativity" set when there is no nativity. :rolleyes:
  7. I would like to add a little to this conversation, but I'm not quite certain if it is about December 25 or the Nativity. Could someone enlighten me please, that's is only if anyone is interested in what I have to share. You may not!
    One thing I will add this nativity (small "n") with Santa and Reindeer, completly foolish. I feel so bad for some people that they have NO CLUE what the Nativity scene represents.
    This is the birth of our (there) Savior. Maybe in the time of the birth there was slow ways of spreading the news, but today it is everywhere and people still reject Him. Sorry getting off track. Anyway, is the subject December 25 (Christmas) or the Nativity?
  8. That is that same old tired anti-Christ spirit.
  9. Bart Simpson: Shouldn't we be concentrating on the REAL meaning of Christmas...? The birth of Santa?

  10. HaHa!!!
    Only Bart~
    Oh, and probably half the world!
  11. Violet - I've been wanting a turtle for the past...oh, 25 years or so?

    I gave up a while back. They're hard to take care of.

    Anyways, Preston came home the other day! A turtle!

    He's a baby hatchling, a red-ear slider. I named him Sprout (after the Jolly Green Giant's nephew). I bought him a coconut shell house and drilled a hole in the top and attached a itty-bitty satelite dish:D

    I'd forgotten that I even wanted a turtle...but receiving one as an early Christmas gift made me feel like a child again!

    There really IS Christ in Christmas. He can touch your heart and melt it and make you feel young and new all over again!

    Happy birthday, Jesus!:)
  12. To me it dosent make a difference to me either way. Christmas isnt about christ anyway it about people pleasing each other and there kids. I am thankful and grateful Jesus Christ was born everyday not just on Dec. 25th. And if christmas was really about Jesus then why do people get so evil and mean? Who do people focuz on buying gifts for each other rather than giving there life to Jesus.
  13. Are you implying that only kids who are exposed to Christian values and traditions turn out good?
  14. I'm implying that not everything becomes argument.

    But since you brought it up...only people--kids or not--who accept Christ Jesus as our saviour are saved. And living a life in search of our Saviour will eventually lead to truths and peace of mind that seems to be absent in a lot of youth today.

    God bless.
  15. I know! I read! I responded!!!
    I am HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I think we ARE children, Whirlwind, which is why we are so happy!
    I know I am~


    And we are all God's children

  16. In the UK we can call the trees, Christmas trees and say Happy Christmas as it is part of my countrys tradtions. Now in mulit faith towns and Citys, they have to be careful on what they say and do with Christmas so they don't offened other faiths.
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