No Boasting

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  1. No Boasting

    Its by grace through faith alone that we are saved (Ephesians 2:8). You want to boast about good works? But they are not yours but HIS works he prepared beforehand. So how can you boast? Humble yourself, obey Him and He will lead you to HIS good works.

    Those who are His walk in the good works that He prepared ahead of time [not self sufficiency works which are sinful before God].
    Ephesians 2

    Everyday lets give thanks to our Father His for His grace upon our lives, it is by His grace that we don't do the shameful things we used to do in the world and all the filthy lifestyles people of the world are living by. So lets all be humble to God and to all men knowing that we also were once disobedience walking by the lust of the flesh but by His mercy and grace He saved us (Titus 3:1-7).

    This is Just a reminder that the glory belong to God who is our sufficiency. I will rather be covered by the clothing of skin made by God than be covered the clothing made from fig tree leaves by a sinful flesh of mine for I will still run away from His presence [Gen 3:5-7]. Therefore all I need is the righteousness of God not self-righteousness which is bondage.

    All Glory to God of Heaven.
    Nathi the Love Slave of Christ
  2. No problem brother, His grace is enough.:)
  3. My dear son....
    This is such a beautiful way of expressing God's covering. Thanks for that .

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