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    A new resident night owl here. Name's Erin I'm 23 from New Orleans, Louisiana. Don't curently have a church I guess I have a bit too much of an extreme personality for some.
  2. Hi VampireGirl- welcome- I live in the Saint Rose area so we are practically neighbors- tell us a liitle about yourself- have you accepted Jesus into your heart- as far as a church I would like to invite you to Victory fellowship on Airline Highway in Metairie- The worship music is off the hook- the word is very annionted and the presence of the living God is breathtaking- as far as your personality I would like to say we have a little of everyone there- black , white , asian, tattoed bikers, street people , bussiness men, young, old and everything in between- I promise you if you will take the step and go one sunday morning (10:00) you will not leave the way you came in- I am touched and transformed by God every time I walk thru those doors, it is phenominal- our little church has been in revival for over 10 years now- this is a genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God- there are times when I leave I am so full of His presence I am about to explode and there is this fire burning inside my spirit I simply cannot contain- come on over and try it for yourself- :D
  3. Hello and welcome VampireGirl! I have to ask... How did you come up with your forum name? Just curious...

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    hi, evry one I'm Terrt,
    I am a Romany Gypsy and a Roma Rashai (Romany priest) I work as a bus driver in England. I'm a young 50 married with 4 children, and 2 lurcher dogs.

    So who's around, cant stay long got a bus to catch!
  5. Hi Terry and welcome to CFS I look forward to seeing your perspective on some issues- in His Name Larry
  6. Hello Terry and Erin, nice to have you both here and hope you'll stick around !
  7. Hi VampireGirl!:)

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