New in Michigan

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  1. New in Michigan

    Hey folks,

    I happened upon this forum and thought I would peek around.

    I've been walking with the Lord since 1977 though I had consistent Bible training from childhood. I'm an electrical engineer in the automotive industry. I also pursue a videography business shooting training videos, special events such as weddings, and a few other specialties. There are probably forum rules on posting links but you can find our web site by searching for 'michigan videographer.' We usually come up on google's page one near the top.

    Probably my most interesting story involves my mother. After ten years of childless marriage the Lord told my mom at a New Year’s Eve service at church that she would have a child. She was so excited that she told people at the service and I imagine they thought she was nuts. She was presenting it as a done deal. Weeks later at a natal doctor visit she asked the doctor when the baby would be born if conceived January 1. The answer was October 1 which is my birthday.

    If anything distinguishes me as a Christian I would say it is my background involving the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society otherwise known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I have never had any affiliation with them but I have a whole side of the family that have been active members for years. A lot of them are dis-fellowshipped inactive Witnesses but some of them are dyed-in-the-wool. In my earlier years I went to a lot of trouble trying to show them how bad the Watchtower is. I found, though, that the Witnesses do not even have a clue about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and do not know how to respond when presented with the simple Gospel that Christ died for our sins and that he rose from the dead, the end (I Cor 15). I use a lot of their own lingo, though, in my approach which helps with the communication and I think that they are awe-struck that I speak respectfully to them.

    What probably frustrates me the most in life is the mindless liberalism that seems common. It has all the trappings of religion in that these people are committed to an organization or flawed belief system and what they see does not matter to them. When confronted with something that they cannot explain or don’t know about they denigrate the person asking the question. The Bible talks about these people saying that if you reprove a wise man he will be still wiser but if you reprove a fool you will only have to do it again and he will hate you. Professing themselves to be wise they became fools.
  2. I pastor a church out in the country and live in the parsonage. On Sundays you can spot me pretty easy, all in black, white collar, the usual.

    But unless I'm making visitations, I am otherwise wearing Jeans, boots and probably a "T" shirt if any shirt at all. So when The Jehovah's Witnesses come around, they think I'm just some ole redneck living out in a farmhouse in the country. :cool:

    I always invite them in, usually is twos, one trainee and one instructor. After coffee and ice tea I like to begin with Genesis1, verses 1, 2 and 3, then move directly to John 1:1

    You know, all that "stuff" about the Word becoming flesh, the deity of Christ, the trinity... :D :D

    I've had some great conversations. Unfortunately our time usually ends abruptly as soon as one asks me what I do or where I went to school. :(
  3. [​IMG]

    Glad you found us and we're looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Blessings, Cheri
  4. Welcome to the forum . God Bless and take time to look around . :)
  5. Welcome WC! I look forward to talking to you!
  6. Hello my brother from another mother. Welcome to CFS.:cool::D
    cal Poly eh? that was my old stompin grounds all up n down the west coast n in still stompin with Christ now tho. Hey I'm gonna thro an extra chili on the grill for ya hope ya like it hot for Jesus cuz we do. here ya go buddy

    The least I could do for you. it's a bid feast with the Holy spirit. no body starves here. Everybody gets fed here the good news and it is fulfilling:welcome::smile_anim:. Among fun stuff of course

    The Great Chili has spoken:cool:
    ps Glad to meet you WC :D
  7. Hi Ride,

    The Witnesses go to a lot of trouble to study Watchtower teachings on the diety of Christ, the trinity, and some other notable fundamental Christian doctrines. I am a really big believer on the principle of "keeping it simple."

    It is very hard for the Witnesses to actually hear what you say and retain it beyond maybe one hour. Keep in mind that their mentality is that whatever comes out of the Watchtower is "truth" but more than that, it is the definition of truth in a most literal sense. You can show them incredible passages such as I Jn 5:1 which says "whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God" and then ask them, "Do you believe Jesus is the Christ?" They will say yes. Then you ask, "Are you then born of God?" to which they respond without hesitation or embarrasment "no."

    I really, really, really, really recommend, Ride, that on your next encounter that you present the Gospel to them and skip any conversations on eternal punishment, the trinity, etc. If they try to nudge the conversation in one of those directions bring them back to the topic saying "Those are fine things to talk about but it is critical that we stay on the subject of How to Satisfy Jehovah's Arrangement of Things." HtSJAoT is merely their lingo for "How to be Saved."

    If you try to use the word Jehovah wherever you can when you would have otherwise used God, it removes an obstacle. They literally believe that you cannot or will not use the name Jehovah in your conversation.

    Nail down man's dilema (sin separates him from Jehovah), then show that Jehovah made provision for sinful man to restore fellowship, then show what that provision was (the Gospel), and then show that they have received the whole story and that they now know exactly and precisely without question how to satisfy Jehovah's arrangement of things. They will object. Ask them on what basis they object. They will only answer in general terms. Hold them to the fire saying you must have truth and will accept nothing less.

    When you talk to them use their first names. Talk to them as a friend. Ultimately you must challenge them to "leave Babylon" which is more of their lingo which won't get anywhere unless you have already befriended them.

    Unfortunately, the Witnesses believe that the clergy is the drunk Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24. In that passage the "faithful servant" they are taught is the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Brooklyn, New York.

    Witnesses are so convinced that they have the truth that when they discover that they have been deceived their first reaction is that there must not be any truth at all. They do not automatically migrate to Christianity.

    Where we would make conversation between ourselves saying, "How long have you been saved?" they say between themselves, "How long have you been in the truth?"
  8. Hi Chili,

    It while going to school at Cal Poly that I decided to follow the Lord. Cal Poly was almost like a Bible college with all of its Christian ministries. After graduating I went to work for Boeing at Vandenburg Air Force Base in California and then after two years there they moved me up to Seattle where I stayed for another five years.
  9. Ive never been to Michigan before, is that a nice state to live in?
  10. The winters are cold but a far cry from those of North Dakota. The summers are sometimes hot but nothing like the humid summers of Maryland. The last few months and especially the last month have been pretty comfortably cool, some of the coldest weather on record. I suppose you could say that we should therefore be thankful for... global warming... :mad: because if the Earth were not warming we could be having a frost right now! :D

    In case you missed my humor, I was poking fun at the global warming farce.
  11. Hey Wesley,
    Forgive me for sounding so dense, but thats just the way I am, tee hee.
  12. Hello and welcome :)
    I live just a few miles from you in Windsor. Hope you enjoy your stay, lots of nice, friendly folks here. Hope to hear from you again.
    I really enjoyed your sharing the story about your mother's miracle, and you were that miracle
    God works in mysterious ways.

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