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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by lissa, May 18, 2010.

  1. New from UK

    I don't think I posted already so here I am. Katie J lead me to this forum since I spoke to her about my beliefs so she encouraged me to join. I still don't know what I'm meant to do with my feeligs and thoughts.

    I'm Lissa, 20 years old. I was brought up to be a non-believer but always have had niggling thoughts about God, but been too scared/worried to talk about it, since I had nobody to speak to. Also I have been deaf since just after birth(we think) so it has been even harder for me to express my feelings as I grew.
    It has been very confusing but I do now accept there is a God, and he created this world for us to live. :)
  2. Hey Lissa :) :)
    Since you already know me, I don't need to introduce myself ;)
    Remember, you are not a mistake in God's eyes. You may think you are at times, but He made you with a plan for ya! Just need to accept it!!!!!

    Before you start posting, please check out the following links:

  3. Hi

    Welcome to CFS
  4. The Lord be praised. :)

    Welcome to CFS!
  5. Welcome to CFS.
  6. Hi Lissa,

    Welcome to the forum - its lovely to have you with us.

  7. It's also lovely to have you here Natty. Welcome as well :)
  8. Thank you John - Its a wonderful site :)

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