New Christmas music

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  1. Found a great new Christmas album by a group called Folk Angel. Very good and it is not Mariah Carey.
  2. Yes, I say they are very good. Little different than what I'm use to. I believe, coming from one who also write songs and sings, they are quite a unique group. While I was previewing their songs I notice the popularity wasn't very high with "Go Tell It On the Mountain." When I heard them started to sing the song their unique music style really made me want to listened in more closely.
    I have to admit I have forgotten all about this type of music for quite a few years. It's wonderful though, how this group has taken traditonal Christmas songs to share their type of music.
  3. Couldn't use the links provided as they only give me iTunes format and I won't use that as they do not support Linux.

    I did find a couple of tracks from it on YouTube but it's not really for me. I find it in (to me) one of those non de-script folk/ commercial/pop no mans lands that I don't always enjoy. But each to their own.

    For a Christmas folk CD, I am quite fond of An English Folk Christmas by The Gift of Music. I'm giving this link as it does provide samples to listen to.
  4. I like Mariah Carey!

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