New Christian Here-Anyone want to guide me to learning the ropes?

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by button, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Hello

    If anyone would like to help me with links to other threads, biblical guidance and such, I would appreciate the guidance as I grow and learn to be like the messiah, Jesus of Nazareth!
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  2. Welcome to CFS.

    I have no links except the one to the Holy Spirit of Truth, which you already have.
    Other links are less reliable because they are second-hand and were not uniquely referred to you as the Holy Spirit can.
    Prayer and meditation (such as introspection) will help you to commune with Jesus/God/Truth through the Holy Spirit.

    I am not saying not to use links, after all this forum is a link. However, I am just reminding you that Jesus Christ is the Embodiment of Faith, and Christians have been given the gift of also becoming embodied by faith - if you choice to use it. That is, to have faith that any Truth passed onto you via the Holy Spirit is unconditional love towards you transforming from your old nature to your new nature in Christ. In other words, the Truth contains love and nothing to be fearful of, so don't be afraid of whatever Truth, especially about yourself, which may be revealed to you through the Holy Spirit of Truth. This link (Holy Spirit) will be your true link to God and Jesus.

    Again, welcome to this forum.
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  3. Welcome to cfs button
    So very Glad you joined us here at cfs and am looking forward to future fellowship.

    Now I Already Know you have read the rules and such but I am posting this part under the forum procedure.

    Lol if not me then another staff member would.... lol

    As we ask of all new memers,
    Please look over the Following and Familiarize yourself with them, this will help you to have a safe and joyful time here in the forum.

    Again this is just forum procedure and nothing else.

    1. Forum Policies and Procedures
    2. Topics which May Not Be Discussed in the open forum.

    If you have any questions or issues with the forum, please feel free to contact a moderator or helper and we will do what we can to help.

    Again Welcome to cfs
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  4. welcome-95.gif

    Welcome Button. We are so glad to have you here!

    The best way to learn about Jesus is read the gospels And learn how He acts and talks. For He only does and says what The Father tells Him and shows Him to do.

    And then read the rest of the new testament to learn about everything that is yours because you belong to the Body of Christ. And are an heir to the kingdom, because of Jesus Blood sacrifice and God's promise to Abraham.

    Blessings to you
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  5. Thank you for the warm welcome, sisters and brothers!

    Has anyone here signed up for the ebible at the top of the forum?

    It says we can sign up to tailor made messages on topics we choose.

    This looks really good.

    And in so many languages and different versions of the bible too?!
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  6. I tried, but just got a blank page... however I do have 3 Bible apps for my phone.
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  7. abs2welcome.png
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  8. Yea know what's really sad? I've never clicked on that link before! Cool page.
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  9. Even more sad.......I did not even know it was there.
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  10. WELCOME:)
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  11. button, Wednesday at 5:17 PM
    NewThank you for the warm welcome, sisters and brothers!

    Has anyone here signed up for the ebible at the top of the forum?

    Hello, Button;
    Thank you for joining us. I have been truly blessed here and have learned alot from our brothers and sisters. I also look forward to fellowship with you along with everybody.

    By the way, EBible is a wonderful convenience here at Christian Site Forum. Its right here as we fellowship and post threads.

    Just click the button...button. lol!

    God bless you and your family!
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  12. Hey Jim

    today I clicked onto the ebible tab and typed worry into the search box, and picked NIV as the bible type.

    incredibly, I received an immediate response an entire page long of bible verses on worry
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  13. the ebible above also has a video at the very bottom of the page

    you can sign up for various studies too or daily meditations/word
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  14. Oops, joining in the :( ness. Me too!
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  15. Hello button, welcome to the forum, you'll find much here. Just scroll down and check out the different sections. Remember if you need prayer go to prayer requests. Blessing to you! sandpiper sandpipernh.jpg
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  16. today, I opened my email and got my verse for the day on worry, and then some suggested readings.

    unbelievably, one of my reading was, How can I become more motivated for soul winning?

    We are welcomed into reading it and then discussing it there at ebible

    I think Jim brought up something important in that we learn this part here:

    If soul winning is a product of our own individual effort, instead a work of the Holy Spirit (2 Thessalonians 2:13), then evangelism becomes our persuasive effort. The goal of soul winning becomes making sure we get someone to come to that moment of decision and accept Christ into his life. One may ask, "What is the problem with that?" If the goal of evangelism is getting people to that moment of choice, then there is every temptation to "do whatever it takes" to make that happen. This mindset has led to the very thing that characterizes the various "church growth" movements, such as the seeker-sensitive movement or the emergent movement, that seek to make Christianity more relevant and appealing to a modern world. On the surface, this sounds good and noble, but at what cost? The Bible says that it is the gospel that has the power of salvation and we are not to be ashamed of it (Romans 1:16-17). We need to avoid the persuasion paradigm and get back to a witness paradigm, one in which the truth of the gospel is faithfully proclaimed.

    It all boils down to this: do we believe that God is truly sovereign, even over salvation? If we do, then it is God who is the soul winner. It is the Holy Spirit who brings new birth. It is Jesus Christ who died to save the world. Christians are called to be witnesses to the world by proclaiming this gospel of salvation. The proclamation of the gospel is the means through which the Holy Spirit brings repentance and faith in the lives of individuals. What can be more motivating for soul winning than to know that, through our faithful proclamation of the gospel, God is saving those whom He has chosen from before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4-5).

    God is the soul winner, not me
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  17. Hi Button,
    One of my Pastors said the following and the Holy Spirit made sure I got it.

    There is a huge difference between
    Being Sent and Just Went.

    When the Lord Leeds one then His provisions are there however when we just do it on our own, well that's just it, we are on our own.

    This Applies Big in so many aspects and not just soul winning.
    This in no way says we don't take opportunity of a situation.

    Many Folks just go and do things in the name of the Lord and were not called or prompted to do so and then get upset with God.

    Just because we see a need and feel we can fill that need does not make it of God or His Will. We must all learn to be Spirit Led and Sensitive unto the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you for this wonderful Welcome Thread!!

    Edit Add In.....check out this thread and especially check out post #10
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  18. dearjim i did my first prayer over someone and it seemed to be a case of just went

    checked on him later and it became so much more and the prayers on both his and my parts were for real

    the 3 part story is in the street ministry thread,

    I do believe the power of the living god brought me to this man yesterday

    he told me he felt like the guy on the side of the road no one wanted to help and didnt care

    He had lots of bottles of pills and alcohol and said he was suicidal

    all day long i check on him

    finally i led police and ems to rescue him

    i feel like a fool and kinda shaky to get the police involved like that

    but hopefully i am a fool for christ
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  19. Hi button... Welcome to CFS!
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