Needing Help (Old or Dead Computers)

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by th1bill, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. If you live in SE Texas I have a request. I do my best to supply people, such as High School students and the Elderly with computers for surfing the web and to do their homework. Being on VA Benefits, myself, I have no funding, just ability and desire. If your ´puter has been eaten up by a worm, trojan or virus and you have replaced it I can, usually, make it all good again by installing Ubuntu on it and then I find a person that needs and pass it to them, free, of course. If you live close enough to pass it off to me in Magnolia, just north of Houston, it can be put to very good use. Contact me through the IM or email me through this site.

    Thank you and may God bless you.
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  2. Amazing thing you're doing there for others God Bless you!!!

    Unfortunately I'm from the UK and don't have a dead or dying computer but I hope God Bless' you with a handful of them that can be put to good use!
  3. I've been doing that, as well. Some people dig in their closets and donate computers that are just too old. For a while now, I've asked only for computers with at least 1GHz processors. But, even that is getting to be too slow as software becomes more demanding. If you cruise garage sales and tell the people what you're doing, they sometimes will just give you the old computer that they're trying to sell. Otherwise, they'er still cheap.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion but since i am in a power chair, the garage sales are not available to me except they be in my neighborhood. I still refurbish 486s and load them with Wary Puppy because it runs well on as little as 32 meg of RAM. You might want to check it out, itś free as are the click and install software packages from the Net Store.
  5. Bill, what do you use for a browser on an old computer? I find older browsers to not be comparable with websites and newer browsers to be too resource-demanding.
  6. I use the OS supported version of Firefox.
  7. On a 400MHz/128MB Pentium II, I have trimmed-down version of Windows XP. To make latest Firefox usable, I have turn off image loading. And, Flash won't even install in the first place (terminates on error during installation).
  8. My 1995 laptop with 64 meg of RAM ran Puppy 5.0 without any trouble, booted in less than 40 seconds and ran a full featured copy of Firefox with never an issue. The problem lies in the basic concept of Windoze, any version. XP is without question the very most stable and good natured version Micro Soft ever pushed out the doors, but, all windoze kernals are a nasty mess of ancient code that needed retiring 15 year ago and Micro Soft refuses to do the work for the fear of Linux and Apple!

    When OSX and any of the Linux OS Systems shut down a program they release the memory back to be used again, not true of Windoze! So long as this nasty habit of consuming and holding resources continues the various Windoze systems must have larger and larger chunks of memory to run well.
  9. I've tried Puppy 5.3 on the aforementioned computer without much success.

    At first, it would hang during CD boot. With some switches, I can sometimes (but, not reliably) get it as far as the desktop. One time I appeared to have connected to my wireless network. But, I haven't gotten as far as getting a browser running. I'll play with it a little longer before giving up.
  10. No, you likely need to download Wary Puppy. Wary works with older hardware. Iǘe had it running on pentium 1 and 486 processors.

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