Need some testimonies to uplift my spirit

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  1. Hi,
    Has anyone had what seems like a string of bad luck? Like nothing ever works out for you? Then suddenly things make a great turn around? I'd like to hear some of your testimonies...just for encouragement.:)
    I guess I just want to know I wont be here in this valley forever. I have been in this valley for years. I just feel like it's never ending. Nothing seems to work well for me,everything I want seems to go further and further away from me. I almost feel like giving up. It just feels like it will never end and I am pretty close to just throwing in the towel.
  2. Time to start watching what you say. If you speak negative all the time that is what you will experience. And that is biblical matthew 12:35-37
  3. As i was praying for you, reading about King Saul when he went after David to kill him is a good one, and reading Hebrews 11 maybe read Esther or Ruth. God always proves himself faithful in our lives if we trust Him. Another good story is the Children of Israel being delivered from Pharoah and crossing the red sea.

    In my own life....being rescued out of darkness and brought into His glorious light. I just had to be patient :)

  4. @Phoenix111 @Cturtle

    Scripture tells us that our enemy the devil comes immediately to steal, kill and destroy for the word sake.

    Lets look at what this says........
    You grasp some he comes to Try and take it away
    ....... by any means he can - via strife - doubt and unbelief - fear - and so forth

    You begin to walk in Joy - here he comes to try and take it away any means he can......

    You begin to obtain strong faith in an he comes to try and take it away any means he can

    You begin producing good fruit in any he comes to try and take it away any means he can.

    Now lets look at this by any means he can........
    Scripture says he roams around Like a roaring lion looking for who he can devoir.
    Key words here are.
    Like.......meaning - bluff - haunting - deceive
    ......Why ? because he does not have the power over a believer like he once had. Not since Jesus defeated him on the cross.

    This means .........unless we open the door - give him a way in - swollow his lies and deception which he is a master at camouflaging his lies and deception and tricks.

    How does one open the door unto him or give him right and way ?
    Speaking his lies ( Anything oposed to Gods written word )
    ........Example........You pray and know God will meet your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.........Ok you believe it and say by faith it is done.
    Then he ( the devil ) reminds you that your electric bill is alomost 300 dollars and you dont have a dime. he is knocking on your door with his haunting.

    First words and or reractions make all the difference here. Stop and think about it and you begin to alow seeds of doubt and unbelief be sown into your heart. If you do not root them up with Gods word they will begin to take root asnd grow and choke out your faith and victory.

    No - right then and right there you answer back what Gods word says. I dont care what the bank account looks like.........Speak Gods word........I dont care if you got a shut off notice... Stand on His word.......I dont care if the bill collectors have called 5 times this week.........What does Gods word say?

    All of this is connected together. We have to make the choice To Give Gods word first place or everything else.

    Scripture tells us in James 4:7
    Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
    The problem with this scripture and most believers is the first 5 words. They tend to Omit these when they speak it or act on it. They claim resist the devil and he will flee.

    The problme there is simply is Not our strength that makes him flee. Nope it is the word of God in us and through us. It is Faith and mostly just doing as Gods written word says to.
    Another words........if you are not submitting your self to God - ( walking in His ways ) then you dont really have this scripture backing you. You can not walk any way you want and claim His promises and or word over you and see it work. No - obediance is key here.
    I did not say you have to be perfected totally - I said you have got to be making the effort and putting forth what you have been shown and know and not be so stubborn that He ( God ) can not deepen your understanding of His written word and ways.

    So bottom line is this..............days such as these will come. It is what we do in these days that make all the difference. There is so much more on this. So much more dealing with this.
    Glory to God I feel like writing...............
    God Bless
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  5. Let me summarise this testimony very quickly... 7 yrs ago my dad died, my fiancee whom i loved so much married someone else cos i wasnt financially ready to start a family, my very close friends seemed like stangers to me cos i changed, dropped out of the university, and i was so lonely this all happened @ the same time. Then a miracle happened, i found Christ and i realised all these dont matter, seek first the kingdom of heaven my brethren and let God take the wheel. Since i started applying this theory, i look back and then i shake my head in shame on the things i held as priority then. Now i have peace... and much more than i can ask for... Note: when i say "i found Christ" it didnt occur on a roller coaster, it took a tough while and God beating me into line. Yes i was stubborn but the headier i was the bigger the cane became, but God never gave me what surpassed the grace to carry on. You should have seen my mum dancing on my graduation day from the university... *smiling*
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  6. Thank you for that! I feel the same way too now. Everything has happened to me so quickly,one thing crumbles after the next. Its been a challenging couple years. And just when you think things can't get does. Your story at least gives me hope that things can make a great turn around. I just need to know that miracles really do happen. Thank you for sharing your story with me :)
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  7. Thank you @Fish Catcher Jim and @Cturtle . I guess i just need to totally rely on God's strength for this period in my life. It has been a rough one,a very deep valley filled with many snakes and quick sand and fire and and deserts and strangling vines. That's me trying to describe how my brain feels right now:) And I know everyone keeps saying trust God trust God. But it's not so easy when you don't see a path or when you see other persons who are in similar position and their life doesn't get better. I guess that brings me back faith.
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  8. @Phoenix111 This is the time that God is building your patience, which is a very important part of faith. Another important part is trust in Him to lead and guide you. Being able to keep your focus on Jesus when you cannot see the path ahead. Kind of like driving in a fog when you cannot see but 2" in front of you. But if you will center your focus on Jesus, who is the author and finisher of your faith....then He will be the light to make your path bright. Ps 119:105 says that Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light onto my path.

    Its not easy at first, and sometimes the road seems long, but God will be there carrying you through. And when you are able to feel at peace and content no matter where you are then you will be singing a new tune :)

    I am always here for you if you need anything :)
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  9. Please Phoenix do Not Ever Judge your faith or your results by any other persone results or faith or time periods etc. In Your weakness He is strong in you - that is if you allow Him to be. Faith is the key However trust and Patience is as a Prime quality needed at all times.
    Stay continuous and constant in walking in Love and Patience which means to stay the same constantly and your faith will bring forth the desired results you seek.
    God Bless
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  10. Stories and challenges christians face give other christians hope... When people know you understand because you have experienced they relate better.
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  11. Matt 12:35-37 35 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things. But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.

    Not sure how you reading this scripture to support ''positive and negative'' confession. That is twisting scripture. It is a warning to watch our words as there is a judgment day coming.
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    String of bad luck is Christianity 101. We serve a God that can do anything. Which means if He doesn't we must rejoice because He is clearly testing us. He does test us. It is 50% of the reason we are still on earth. For all eternity you will be known as the person who endured X and Y for so many years.

    God doesn't test all the same. Some can't survive a day in a trial. God knows us well. His peace surpasses all understanding because His peace makes no sense to a carnal mind.

    I have just experienced a relief from pain. I have been in a terrible / dead end job for eight years now. I have trained three work colleagues who were beneath me. All of whom are now my bosses. I still assist 2 of them to get their work done. I am not talking about their filing. Rather their actual work. The work they get paid more then me to do :giggle:. I am so good at accounting and getting things done quickly that so many come to me for help and advice. But I never profit from it. I have been a good Christian in helping others, but I can't deny the frustrations and hell of answering to a less qualified and yonger colleague that I trained tell me I can't take leave over Christmas.....:mad: :mad:....or can't take a sick day....or must be in on time. The ''only'' thing they can be my boss on is leave and working hours. They have no clue what work I do nor how I do it. They don't even understand the work I do for them that keeps them shining to their bosses. When I came to my position I saved a client for the company. I worked weekends and overtime to solve one hell of a problem. It was not even part of my job to help this specific client. I did such a good job and the client was so happy that they gave our company a huge share distribution. I got none of this. Our company did a 'bee' (black and indian only) distribution. If I got these shares I would have had a yearly 13th cheque :mad:.

    So now I am given a very fragile client to add to my work load. I made a mistake. Not malicious, just human error from being overloaded with work. It results in me not getting a bonus and a few of my enemies making a mountain of a molehill. I am asking God how this slipped my attention. If I had to explain in further detail you will see that it is almost a God given mistake I made. It is like God made things extra uncomfortable for me at work to get me to move on.

    And so I have. God has now placed me in a much better position. I am much happier, have leave for holdiays and independence. God also ensured I had the opportunity to see my enemies working hours increase.

    I ''know'' more trials await me at my new position. Perhaps in eight or so years they too will be unbearable and God will need to step in. Experience has taught me that God always steps in when we need Him. If you are enduring something worse then others, it is simply because God trusts you more then others.

    Nobody here can endure what Job did. Job had more faith in God then any of us.
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  13. Posters/Andre, Geelong, Australia.pdf Posters/Ann Timi, Port Moresby, PNG.pdf Charity, Lumwana West, Zambia.pdf

    A very small sample of the thousands upon thousands of miracles that born again Spirit-filled Christians enjoy by their faith and obedience to our Lord Jesus.
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  14. 1Pe 3:10 For "Whoever desires to love life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit;

    Every one who is born of God will experience these kinds of things, but it is what we say, and speak during these times that will cause them to change.
    Life, and death are in the power of the tongue. Speak what God says you have, and what he has already given you in the face of contrary circumstances, and see what the Word (God) does for you.
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  15. Note.....this also will work against your victory too. If your words are not faith filled or of faith or full of fear or doubt and unbelief - then you will also be reapingfrom what you speak.
    Speak Gods words and get Godly results - speak words opposed to His written word and yes you wont be seeing the desired result.

    Galatains 6:7
    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    The problem most Christians have with this is that they dont believe this and feel it does not apply. The problem here is that is is Kingdom Law or another words something God put into being and nothing we do or say or think will ever change it.
    Words are Seed !! They will produce a harvest !!

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  16. This is true however it does not apply to judging your faith or results of your faith by any one elses faith. 200 millian christians can not see a certain result using their own faith and yet this has not one thing to do with your own faith or the results you get.

    Yes we can learn from each other but when it comes to faith - others can help build up your faith but can not in any way shape or form - dictate that your faith can not see the desired results simply because they have not. This is a dangerous way to live.
  17. OH MY GOD!! PLEASE PERMIT ME TO SEND THIS TO MY BROTHER!! this is exactly his story. After putting in 9 hard years of his life into a firm, he was asked to retire today... I'm happy he was asked to retire cos i had advised him since to do so, knowing how industrious and business oriented he was i felt he was wasting his talent. The journey will be rough as he has a wife and 3 kids who are placed in expensive private schools but im spurred and excited for him cos God is not dead!!
  18. Where i stay, this verse has been so misinterpreted that now anyone facing calamity is referred to as reaping what he sowed. As it stands now no body wants to fall in that group so they can do anything just to be termed blessed. This has resulted in christians leaving their main purpose on earth, saving souls, to acquiring wealth through any means possible be it armed robbery, embezzlement and even rituals (for those who believe it is effective) if you doubt my claim open any west african christian channel and watch what 99% of what is being preached is about...
  19. What are you talking about ?
  20. For someone who has hit bottom and also the heavy hearted he/she needs hope before one can start talking of faith... even when faith was defined in the bible in Hebrews 11:1 KJV "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." it implies believing what is hoped for without wavering. So i would be right to say faith is dead not just without works but also without hope...

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