Need Prayers Just Got Fired From My Job

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  1. My boss has been paying me less hours than I worked lately. My co worker came to relieve me tonight and I asked my co worker if hes getting paid the right amount.He told me he is but always tracks his hours. I said " Man this guy needs to get the hours right" My boss just got off the phone with me telling me to shut my mouth and he knows everything I say. He said dont worry I have people with ears. I think he has a private auditor or something... or maybe cameras that record voices at every site. Told me to turn in my uniform in the morning . I cant feel my legs I really needed that. Please pray for me guys.
  2. I'm sorry, Alang. I am definitely praying for you.

    How long have you been with this job?
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  3. Appreciate it bro, only 2 months. Every paycheck seemed wrong Id track all my hours down and always take horrible shifts that he needed covered and overtime. So their was always errors. He flipped out when I told him even my last check had an error and just told me to bring in my uniform .... was even cursing at me.
  4. Do you feel confident about your resume?
  5. Yea
  6. Good. I'll continue to pray for you regardless.
  7. Thanks a lot man
  8. Someone reported something you said to your boss. It happens all the time with co-workers. You simply can't trust most you work with. They mostly all sharks / butt kissers.

    Suck it up. God has something better for you. You think He wants you at home twiddling your thumbs??? Of course NOT!
  9. But I didnt say anything that could get me fired I just said I need my hours paid on time. Your right though. I called my co worker who relieved me and told him dude did you say something to the boss because he fired me. He genuinely sounded surprised and told me "Yeah he called me and told me he likes you and hes gonna take care of you I cant believe he fired you" Than he told me hes gonna call me in the morning and get me another security job. He works for 2 different companies.
  10. Alang.. I will keep you in my prayers as well.. Remember, Lord opens and closes doors..Never stop trusting Him.. Hang on..
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  11. Amen bro Thank you!
  12. Praying for you bro.
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  13. Moral of the story, never say anything negative to another coworker, be careful when venting. Gossip is very common in the work field, and comments can always get twisted. If you have any issues, always bring it up to your manager immediately and keep it professional. Praying for you.
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  14. The situation might seem bad atm but i'm guaranteeing this is a blessing for you alang. God sometimes closes doors in order to make better things possible or to bring you to where you need to be for whatever reason :) Besides at least now you don't have to work for a joke of a boss like the one you described.
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  15. Thank you!
  16. I know I think he called my co worker and asked if I was asking about my paycheck. Theirs no way you can get fired for that though. He constantly screwed up my payroll and paid me lates on shifts I'd take outside of my regular schedule.
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  17. I'm hoping so I need to do something fast. Funny thing was hes owed me 50 $ cash for over a week now. Kept making an excuse to hold it off longer and longer. Very unprofessional guy.
  18. There is always the option of reporting him to the labor board.
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  19. Sounds like a terrible job and I think you are better off without it!
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  20. Praying, Alang.
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