Need help with business ideas!

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  1. I need some business ideas please! I have been thinking long and hard but so far nothing I come up with is feasible. I have a science/health background and so I was thinking about a lab. However, start up could be costly.

    The youth where I live have nothing to do since its a small community so I was also thinking about maybe something for the youth as well. Any ideas?:)
  2. Ask God for Wisdom, He gives freely.
    The number one business to be in is food, everyone has to eat. So you have to find a food business, or whatever you decide to do, that has less competition.
    Competition is only good for consumers cause it causes a glut of product and drives the price down, while at the same time
    forcing each business to find an edge over its competitors.
    Since your in health maybe a health products distributor?
    or if you can combine science and health and come up with an innovative new idea? even applied to current stuff.
    however you have no money.

    When I was young, so long long ago,
    I would enjoy visiting the church coffee shop on a Friday night,
    the coffee was free, there were candles on the tables,
    and someone from the group would play a guitar or perform a song,
    it was a good social break the ice thing...and admittedly I only went there to meet girls.
  3. :ROFLMAO: @"and admittedly I only went there to meet girls" love the honesty. Thanks for the advice, I do need to pray on it some more!
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  4. I know of a good book written by a teen entrepreneur.

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