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  1. Need Advice

    I am using my mother's profile. My name is Leah, and I am 17. I am a newlywed and my questions is this: I interviewed and got a job as a bookkeeper at a christian bookstore. but because I am married, the interviewer took me as a few years older than what I am. I know I have to be 19 to work here but I neglected to correct her assumption. I am doing great at this new job and I was wondering if I should go to the person that hired me and tell that I am only 17.
  2. Yes, you should go and tell them that you are 17. You are living a lie in your workplace right now and God, he does NOT approve. He LOVES you, but he doesn't APPROVE. "Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices." Colossians 3:9. Once you tell the truth, God WILL reward you. He usually does.

    Lord, I pray for Leah that you give her the strength that she needs to approach her boss and tell her she is only seventeen. Let her not rely on her strength alone, but Yours. For you are our strength (Exodus 15:2). I pray that the Holy Spirit will go into her and give her the strength. You know she wants to do what's right, and I rebuke Satan and I also rebuke the FLESH. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Let her rely on You! In Your Precious Name, AMEN!!!!
  3. I agree with XSPINNINGSFUN. You better go to your boss and tell her/him your real age. It's scary to live in lies. The Lord will help you with the situation you have right now. It might be that you'll be fired (sorry) but it's better to be honest even in little ways. However, I am sure that your boss is considerate and I believe that you are working to the best of your ability. Besides, you are working for a living because you are now married. You are just helping your family.

    An additional prayer for Leah:
    Lord, please help Leah to tell her boss his real age. Please let her boss consider that Leah is working for her family. Please give Leah courage for this situation and wisdom for her job. In Jesus name, Amen!
  4. Praying God gives you all wisdom necessary .

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