Need Advice About How To Tell A Non-believer About God

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  1. I was asked, can I prove God's exists. For they wanted proof before excepting Him. Now nature, the Word and our existence seems not to be enough proof for them. And also they want to know what God looks like.
    I have tried to explain with what I know and have experienced and from Scripture. But this does not satisfy them. And to make matters worse some of them are ex-church, they have been burnt by false teachings.
    How do I explain to these people what they want to know, with out hurting them farther, and sending farther away from God?
    Can any one advice me what to do? Thanks.
  2. I love this quote:

    There are those that believe IN God but don't believe Him. Others won't even believe IN Him so there is nothing you can do. The only way to be able to witness to them is for God to prepare their hearts and it doesn't sound like they're even ready. I tell people, "If you really want to know if God exists and that He indeed loves you, ask Him to show Himself." And I know God will. We're just messangers. If they don't like the message, there's nothing you can do. Even Jesus couldn't turn a hard heart.
  3. Abdicate, thank you. Yes God is the only one that can reveal Himself to them.

    Another question, a person was struggle with it sounds like large issues in his life, he claims he prayed and prayed but was not helped. Due to this he turned away from God. But now he wants to know if God exists, because why did God not help him in his time of need. What do you say to a person like this?
  4. This a touchy area, truth is unless the Spirit is convicting them you could say anything and it would not be good enough. Jesus spoke and some would not listen so this will happen to us.
  5. Did he pray to the God of the bible in Jesus name? Or did he pray as an unrepentant sinner to a god of his imagination?
    I would pray to God asking what to say to him, if anything.
  6. I have use everything that I know off, every augment but was told they have heard it all before and they are still not convinced that God exists.
    The Spirit is not convicting them at all, so it is a lost cause. Only God can sort them out.

    Have no idea if he was an unrepentant sinner.

    The only thing I think of is that I have to pray quietly to God for them, and that some how what they have heard will start to effect them and the Holy Spirit will convict them. And only then will their ears be opened and their eyes will see the truth.
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  7. Hi Quietbird. There isn't really a set formula that causes everyone to come to salvation. I think your prayers are really important. Pray not only that God softens their hearts and gives them understanding, but pray that he gives you understanding of them through his eyes and that he guides and directs your words and actions with his powerful love every time you are with them. Often the presence of his love is more convincing than words. God bless you for spreading the Word.
  8. Thanks all for your help and advice, I will pray for God's guidance in this matter.
  9. We do not know always why the Lord does what He does. It's all part of His plan. We are told to live in faith which isn't easy because we are so full of pride and we think we're in control, but we really are not. Evolution came about because Darwin's son died and Darwin was very upset with God and rejected Him completely... what a legacy to leave huh? But his (great?) grandson is a Christian and preaches against evolution. The same with the woman who started the entire abortion lawsuit. She was walking near a park and wondered where all the kids were and the thought came her mind "they've been rejected by their parents and the doctors killed them." She fell sick and is now a Christian. All we can do is pray for them and let the Lord work on their hard hearts :)
  10. I was raised quasi-catholic til I was 12 and then we stopped going- we were never religious. My dad is an agnostic and he's also the smartest man I know and I've always admired him so much. I believed everything he ever said to me- I became an agnostic/ atheist when I was really young and then got saved at 23 after the spirit convicted me and God revealed Himself. It happened quickly for me.

    Anyway my dad is still an agnostic along with all other family members. They know I'm a Jesus freak and they make jokes and I always have to say the prayer at thanksgiving :) I like it! I'm not ashamed to be on fire for Jesus! Even tho they think I am nuts. Anyway, I recently had an opportunity to talk to my dad about the Bible and God for two hours over the holidays. He was blown away by my knowledge if the bible (historical and personal study) which is nothing compared to you guys on here!! But at the end of the conversation he said "I guess that's what's missing for me, I have never felt like I need God/ a God. "
    I was able to clarify some misinformation he had about Christianity which was good-- but it just makes me sad. Really sad. I just keep praying for him because if he got saved I think my whole family may follow suit. It would be such a testimony of Gods power and existence. I know God calls us first, I just mean about my family that if my dad got saved it would encourage them to actually listen to the gospel.

    Sorry such a long post I felt compelled to share that.
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  11. We'll pray for him, but don't be discouraged:

    Matthew 13:57 (KJV) And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.
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  12. Thanks for sharing AllieWi, God Bless.
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  13. _________________________________________

    Part of the problem is the person is "ex-church...have been burnt by false teachings". The world is full of false teachings and
    false doctrines. It seems as if those persons placed their faith in men, and now feel betrayed. More than a few in this forum have suffered some form of disillusion from various denominations: but it's probable that the Lord has been calling them out of Babylon, and unto the Truth.

    Beloved, don't attempt to teach: stay within the periphery of the Gospel, and the Lord will do the rest.
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  14. Thanks Candelario, I have stopped telling them any more. For everything they have heard they have rejected, but still they want to know!.
    So I am turning to pray and would very much like it if some of you will join me in pray for them. For I remember reading where it says, if there is more than one praying for the same thing the more likely God will hear and respond in His time and His will.
  15. Them expecting you to convince them is a trap / mockery of you on their part.

    The most important thing I can tell you is that YOU need to identify them for what they are, evil fools.

    Psalm 14:1 The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.

    If you want to harass them you can say 'pre-school math' is needed to prove a 'great' being from a realm not limited by the laws of physics was needed to create our realm. As in our realm... 0+0 will NEVER = 1.

    But your best bet is to give them your testimony / steer discussion in the direction of Jesus. It is His name that is a stumbling block to every sinner. He has been given all authority. Evil people are of their father the devil....and every 'devil' runs / bows at the mention of His name. You will stir every emotion in a sinner just by speaking about Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross. They may mock and run you down further, but when they sleep on it, you have given the Holy Spirit something valuable to work with!

    When people say they 'were Christians', just remember 1 Cor 12:3!
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  16. Thanks for reminding about those scripture verses KingJ .
  17. Very well said! AMEN!
  18. I love this post, awesome. Very helpful and encouraging. This is exactly what happens when we mention Jesus!
  19. Such a difficult, difficult situation- We want others to feel the spirit as we feel it. We want others to feel the peace and love of Christ. Some are just not ready to accept God into their heart, and truly the only thing we can consistently try to do is plant the seed of Christ through our actions, it is their decision- their free will to accept or deny our teachings.
  20. Torture seemed to work for us in Prison. If several smacks in the head with your bible did not work, They start Hollering out for Jesus once you chop that first finger off.
    I have yet to revise a more legal approach for outside use.

    I am around if anyone needs more advice.

    Be blessed folks.

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