My son's first...

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  1. My son's first...


    He is 11 and going to camp tomorrow. He's had bibles before, but this one HE picked out on his own. The Adventure Bible. I am so excited because getting him interested in something is quite the task. What more could a mom ask for eh? heehee PTL
  2. Awwww.... that is great! :) I hope the he has a fun time at camp. Is this the first time he is going away to camp? I get so sad when my kids go away.
  3. Thanks!
    I think he will have a blast at camp. Atleast I hope so. Last year he didn't have much fun at all and lost his money and the camp didn't call me!! *sigh* --anyway, our church is having thier first annual camp they just built.
    He's been in camp every year since he was old enough to go. Camp is just an awesome experience. I never got to go when I was younger, but I am breaking the bank to make sure my kids go --LOL ...

    I am going to cry, as I always do. Not because I will miss them, but because those are the experiences of independence ya know?
    Are your kids in camp too?
  4. What a proud parent you should be.
  5. I am totally excited!!
    He came back from camp and WOW what a difference!

    He reads every day. Now, I did notice that he took an interest in wanting to read more in Revelation. (He get's hyperfocused on things and I have to help him NOT be that way ALOT) Although this is a kids "adventure bible" (NAS i believe) I felt uncomfortable with this because I dont want him to become fearful of things to come. So my husband and I purchased him a devotional book from our church bookstore, and he has backed off reading from Revelation. It still intrigues him. I encourage him to read the gospels first. He's only 11!
    Anyone else have suggestions?
  6. Well what is the reason that he is so interested in it? Is he worried about it? Excited about it? Just overly curious and focused on that subject for now? Enjoys big epic type tales? The responce should fit the reason.
  7. I think he just wants to know. I can't place my finger on exactly "why", but I think there is a more underlying reason I am missing.

    My son has a facination with things such as,

    WHY are there ratings for movies- why can he watch some pg-13 movies, but yet some PG movies are not allowed.
    We discuss this EVERY time we go to the theatre or get a movie from blockbuster.
    I have also noticed that the past couple times we go to blockbuster he focuses his eyes on horror movie covers and asks what happens in the movies that makes them rated R...
    *sigh* ---- With him, he has to know "why" and "what happens". Which I think is fine, and we feel we need to educate him on things age appropriate of course, yet at the same time, at age 11, I feel on edge about him reading some of the things out of revelation that could create a "horror" picture for him too.

    My son gets hyper focused on things without self moderation. Of course I know this is part of the training a child, to teach them self control and moderation. My son has a moderate to a severe case of ADHD which makes it hard at times to get through to him and UN focused on certain things. He's extremely intelligent, and I know God has a plan for Him in the ministry with such high energy...

    Maybe I am just over reacting?
  8. my son's bible

    I have raised my children to know and love the Lord but their father ridiculed my faith. Now they are all away from the Lord but i believe they will all return. Your letter reminded me of a time when one son was being encouraged by some slightly older Christian guys, he asked me to buy him a youth devotion bible. My joy overflowed! I was walking on air. Of course they always had bibles, but this one was a request! I thanked the Lord with tears. Some years later when he was cleaning up his room, I rescued this bible from the rubbish bin.
    This also brought tears, but then I chose to see it a different way. I refuse to let this discourage me, because the Lord is powerful and we have the victory in him. One day the time will be right for me to return that bible to him, and I know there will be more tears of joy, and thanksgiving.
  9. Your family is in my prayers my sister.
  10. To be the Bible to your child is the best Bible a child can have! Children are lead by example. If I as a parent swear, they will too! If they see me pray and read the Bible, they will too! If they see me trusting God in the midst of my trials, they will too! One thing I know - a child always return to their foundation that was laid in their life when they were still in the home. So as parents we need to be so careful how the foundation looks like. 1Cor. 3:10-11 According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.
    I just know that we as parents need a lot of grace and wisdom that can only be found in the Lord Jesus and His Word. As a matter of fact, the devil is out there destroying marriages in their thousands and I cannot see how any marriage can work without God being the very center thereof! Let alone raising kids in this corrupt world we are living in!
    Blessings to you.
    Yours in His service

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