My Sister

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  1. Recommitted her life to Christ and got baptized today! Great encouragement to us and testimony to some others.
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  2. Praise God!! Praise God!! Praise God!! Glory Hallelujah! God is SO Good!!
  3. that's so awesome!!!! :D
  4. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo TY LORD! That gives me God bumps....not goose bumps.
  5. when ever someone gets saved it makes me want to cry, esp since we have so little time left the rapture is only this "--" far away... and the tribulations after will be pure... heck... and idk.. its just re assuring its like we're (us christians) aren't mistering and evangelizing in vain... i'm glad for you're sister, .. lol when I get someone saved were gonna celebrate and toast to eternal life *throws confetti*
  6. XDDDD lol @ God bumps lol,'ll do that to yah :D
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  7. hahaahheheheheoooohohohohohohohoh your a sweetie pie. God Bless you pancakes sis :)

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