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  1. Here is what I see as the most common type of group prayer:
    One person prays while the others bow their heads in silence.
    I have found some flaws in this type of prayer, and I believe that these flaws make the prayer session worthless.
    1. While that person is praying, the others most likely are not focusing on God.
    2. If the others also are praying, they cannot focus because someone is talking.
    3. Others might have just tried to take what the speaker is praying about and take them are their own thoughts and "prayers". Then their prayer becomes vain because it is insincere.
    4. If the others are praying, they might not have enough time to pray their own prayer without making the situation awkward.

    So here is an idea that I propose to you:
    People pray in a group, but also separate. Here is what I mean. Everyone has their own individual prayers but they are still together, and they have enough time as they need. The room is also silent. This type of prayer, I believe, is much better than the first one stated.
    1. All can have their own heart felt prayer
    2. They will not be disturbed.
    3. They will have as much time as they need.
    If you are a pastor, I ask that you try this prayer technique out as opposed to the traditional way.
    If the traditional way is supported by Scripture, then I stand corrected.
  2. Group prayer is a core part of fellowship. This can be something that is learned through practice. It may not come easy, but is truly of benefit. Both to the person speaking, and to his hearers. You must learn to feel the emotions of the one speaking and add your spirit to theirs, mentally lifting them up. This builds a sense of working in common for shared vision.

    The enemy tries hard to distract believers from a victorious prayer life.

    If you are not focusing on the message being prayed, you need to school yourself to be more attentive. Try silently repeating what they say, forcing you to truly listen.

    I know that when I have faced life changing challenges, it has been of great blessing to hear someone that I know to be my brother and who loves me to lift me and my concerns up before the Lord. I would really dislike to think of spending ones Christian life without that kind of support, or without giving that kind of support to fellow Christians.

    It can take courage to share your concerns enough to have them prayed for in a group, as well as being sensitive enough to pray for others (or a common goal/concern).

    This is can (with the Lord's help) be a learned aspect of prayer.
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  3. What I had in mind when writing this post was those prayers that people do before dinner, and before and after church sermons.
  4. What I said still goes. We should worship as a united body. Try not to focus on what you will be doing when you get out of Church when the congregation is talking to the Lord.

    We also take meals together, and remembering who is the source of all sustenance, and doing that as a _connected_ assemblage of believers is a blessing. Also, a hearer can be either brought closer to a eternal decision or, if a struggling believer, encouraged to focus on the Lord.

    Again, like many things in life, practicing keeping your thoughts on the prayer (actively listening not just passively waiting for the 'Amen') help guide you in your own personal relationship with the Lord.
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  5. Thank you, I agree with your thoughts.
  6. Juk Hello,
    I have seen to many churches and or groups when praying have some predetermined manner of prayer and mandated times and ways and only come to snuff out the Spirit as His presence was felt. Best left to allowing God to direct in the way things should go.
    Just from my experience and in no way law. lol
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