my forums!

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  1. my forums!

    hey everybody please visit my recently updated site and join my forums.they currently only have 5 is the link SWAT - Home
    any q's please reply
  2. I glanced at it for a couple minutes. Don't really know what the purpose is of the site, or what SWAT stands for. People may want to know more as soon as they see the home page. Noticed a few typos and grammatical errors. That in itself may cause some to just move on and not stick around.
  3. thank you very much who am I.I will get on tomorrow and change some things.swat has no real meaning.
  4. No problem. People are going to get their first impression as soon as they see the home page. If nothing catches their eye, they might not look any further than that.
  5. changed some stuff...
  6. Hey, I joined your forums :)
    I recently added forums to my site too if you would like to fellowship with me there as well, no pressure of course :)
  7. How long does it normally take to get the confirmation email? I checked my spam too :)
  8. Hey, CV! Looks like I'll finally have some company there. I was beginning to lose hope.
  9. Hey Rumely,

    Ya, I joined twice but never got the confirmation email :(

    I checked my spam folder and everything, maybe 1 corinthians can approve me manualy?

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