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    I have an idea to start what will essentially be a Christian forum, but it will start out as a place where whoever ends up there or I give the link to can come and ask questions about God, life, my faith... and challenge God. I will then for each little question and accusation write what will probably end up to be an article. I know that God is for me when I speak the truth. I can come here and go elsewhere for answers. I don't see why I couldn't bring people true answers for everything they ask. I will plan a way to organize it so that it's not chaotic. Like a section for their questions and a section for my answers. I will post my own questions to just to answer them. FAQ type thing in a way.

    It would just be a forum like this, but designed for non-believers use. But I don't really want that, I want it to be they ask and argue, and I in an organized fashion put my answers. What free software can I use to format it in such a way.

    Sorry if I'm not clear right now, I'm a little fried and too lazy to even edit where I realized I didn't make much sense --LOL.

    What do you think?

    What forum should I use, I guess I need a free one... I'll check the thread on this forum about this very thing, but any comments on my idea are welcome.
  2. Just remember, if you open it for non believers, you will be opening a door with a welcome sign for satan. He will come in and there will be chaos and confusion when he does. I’m sure there will be people with honest questions, but there will also be the ones who just want to cause problems. I think you’ll spend a lot of time just cleaning up. Even with all the moderators and helpers on this site… imagine what they would have to do if this were open for everyone.
    Just a thought.
  3. There are a few good free forum softwares like SimpleMachines, phpBB and MyBB. But you'll have to register a domain name and then get a hosting package where you can install the forum and run it.

    Otherwise there are free hosting providers who would provide you with free hosting and a forum software installed on it. They would have banners to cover the cost of the hosting and the domain name would be a subdomain of their main website.

    I think the idea of providing a forum for non-Christians is really good. They would have lots and lots of questions. The problem is that it could end up in heated debates and so you need to be really efficient at controlling these discussions.
  4. I do forums. I've made 2. One died, and one is not being used until football season starts back up. But.. you'd be better off just inviting them all here, because I'm definetely not going to post at 2 of them. I just pick the one I like better. And few people would leave this one to start anew when this one is already legit, unless you somehow make yours irrestistibly fantastic, which the chances are slim.

    Its just my .02 from experience. When there is a better product than yours, you lose. Very simple. Maybe I'm wrong though, if yours is really going to be alot different, then go for it and I'll help.
  5. Good points. That's why I want it to be basically their questions are sort of hidden or gathered in one place, and the only real posting is just me quoting their questions and then answering them. I just need to figure out how to format and arrange that and what software will let me do that or provide enough for me to work with anyway.

    If I could get a forum where I just have this idea as a section - possibly the only section, I'd see. - And in it have a thread called questions where they can just go ahead and post whatever questions.... who cares if it gets messy, and then another thread that I can lock and simple quote questions and answer them.

    Or the question thread could be stickied at the top. And my answer threads just pile up under it, one for each question or accusation, or whatever that I'm answering. And those threads can be locked right when I'm done writing in them.

    People then have the freedom to provide a link to one of my answers to a question, and then make a question or accusation about my answer, and it would become a new question that I'll then make a thread for and answer. And I'll post in the OP of the question section, or elsewhere, that they can do so.

    So one messy thread stickied at the top for questions.

    And the rest are locked and just answers by me after quoting the question.

    Now will any free forums not requiring me to buy a server allow me to lock and sticky?

    What kind of rig would I need for a server for this? It wouldn't need to be very expensive would it. Any HDD really, how much room would I need for text, but 250GB even is so cheap anyways. And I'd want to be able to upload pictures and videos. (But to have a good server speed does the CPU and RAM matter? I would think just the internet connection to my server would be the bottleneck. I've got shaw high speed.) And use windows server 03 or somthing. If it's not too expensive I may end up doing it. Can I run the servers on XP?

    Sorry for all the questuions and again, the mess they're in. Bolded is what I mostly want to know though.

    I'm not worried about competition, it's just something small and for my friends and whoever. I'll spread it around, it's just something to display how irrefutable the truth is and that God is truth. Do you know of any other forums like this idea though? It's more of a "Students, come pour questions into the box and I'll tape them neatly up on the whiteboard along with the answers to them for everyone to see." - When I get to it that is, lol. I'm passionate about this though, I'd spend lots of time on it especially if I knew people were reading it.

    Answers will bring up more questions and accusations that can then be answered and put up.
  6. I think I misunderstood the first time. That does sound like a good format for what you are talking about. That would eliminate the back and forth bickering.
  7. You wouldn't require any expensive hosting. Just go for a shared plan with some hosting company where you have cpanel and ftp access. I think all free forum softwares should allow you to sticky and close threads.

    To keep the expense low, upload videos into Youtube, Godtube or ChristianTVSite(the one I am still developing) and then post it on your forum. That way, you can save on space and bandwidth and since these sites already have powerful servers, the videos would load fast. I wouldn't recommend you to invest so much when you are just starting. See how it goes and then you can develop it and probably upgrade your hosting plan. For now, a basic shared hosting with all the required access would be more than enough.

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