My call in this whole gf thing

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  1. My call in this whole gf thing

    yep im young and acctually, as some of you know, never dated
    so what do i know
    o well

    so i have never felt this way about anyone before (im sure as most of you have felt), anyways we both know how we feel about eachother, and us being 18 we gots to go to college next year, she wants to and is planning on point loma (naz college in CA) and im wanting and am planning on trevecca (naz college in TN); you can see the problem here

    well this isn't really asking for advice, more or less giving advice. we have both decided at the moment that being this young we wont meddel in each others lifes, so we're just waiting to see what God has for us planned in the future

    so maybe something will happen, maybe not

    James 4:13-17
    2 Corinthians 5:6-9

    P.S. funny quirk i live a good 2 hr drive, so i enjoy it when i visit her

    P.S.S. and sorry about the horrible grammar
  2. You are wise indeed brother!
  3. thankyou

    so is she
    thats what she says too
  4. Pray, Pray, Pray, Read Scripture, Pray, Repeat.

    That's the best advice I can give you. You can also read my own story here:

    BTW, Trevecca is a great school. I always wish I would have gone there myself instead of following the path I did, but I guess it's never too late.
  5. That's great Ban! Amazing how God can touch us.

    Assassin - I'll be praying for you and your gf too!:D
  6. Wow. God bless you and her. May you discern your relationship together and become close friends (even though you'll be far apart). ;)

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