My baby is fine

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  1. I want to thank The Lord for helping my baby!

    My baby was born with hydrocephalus. According to a scan the doctors said he needed an urgent brain operation. There was a shortage of brain surgeons and all dates for two months were fully booked. Literally out of nowhere we got a call saying that a client had cancelled their appointment and a date was available. Our baby waited only 2 weeks for his operation. Six months now since the operation and he looks 100% fine. All swelling has gone and no infection. Thanks to Jesus and all who were / are praying for him!
  2. Thanks for sharing this. I will add my thanks to Him also. He is a mighty God indeed. I pray He will continue to bless your child and all of you. Is this a permanent "cure" or something (eg a shunt) that will need to be monitored to ensure it continues to work OK? Either way it is a miracle to be thankful for, just wondering that's all.

  3. i'm glad to hear the good news!
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  4. Thanks. It is a shunt, but one that the doc says is permanent as it has an auto release valve. But even that requires monitoring to be safe.
  5. Thanks KJ. Will pray it continues to work without any problems.
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