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  1. Hello,

    What do you guys think about music? Personally I only listen to Christian music stuff that is played on "Effect Radio", "Air1" and "KLove". But sometimes I just need to shut that music off because even the most supposed Christian music doesn't spark a Christian vibe.

    I think that music should be praising God. And the artist should be a Christian. If they aren't afraid to say that they are a Christian or scared to talk about God then I think that that is great. If they are praising God in their songs yet in there personal life they give off bad fruit then I don't think they should be in Christian music. There are some Christian artists that have went out into the secular world music genre and that is great they are getting the word out.

    I think as Christians we should be cautious as to what music we listen to. We should pray about it and see the fruit that comes from the music. You also see artists that say they are Christian and radio stations play their songs and they are in the at least top 10. But you look at who they are and who their influences are. And they have bands like Queen and Kiss. Who to me don't represent a positive outlook on music. They may sound good...but are they living for God?

    Secular music is dangerous. I'm not saying Christians shouldn't listen to it but if you do I would be very catious as to what you listen to. Satan has a way of sneaking a lot into music. If you do listen to secular music you should ask yourself is this setting myself apart from the world? What makes you different from the world if you listen to worldly music?

    Any thoughts?
  2. I can see what makes lyrics secular, but what makes music secular?
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  3. Hmm that is a good question....? Music is just instruments I guess its one in the same because the artists aren't Christen hence the instruments they use aren't making a sound to praise the Lord but a sound to the world. I think I need to think about that more.
  4. I am musically inclined - even bent towards it! - so He uses music to speak to me, teach me, comfort me, and reassure me, among other things. (I absolutely love Air1 and KLove...I'll be checking out the "Effect"

    I think the instrument making the music is inanimate therefore it can't "be" anything, accept what the musician makes it to be, a sound or collection of sounds. The instrument doesn't have power. Lyrics are different. They are words from the animate person which can be life-giving and also life-altering, depending on the meaning of them. People's words have power. It's a similar concept as money. It's not (of itself) sinful, it's what is done with it that is deemed sinful.

    Just my thoughts... :)
  5. I'd say what makes music secular is its focus and purpose, similar to what CBG posted. I know some people have tried to make a case that a certain rhythm or beat or sequence of chords is somehow unnatural or unspiritual, but I haven't found those arguments convincing. The Bible doesn't really go into great detail about musical style, or the technicalities of music, so its difficult to develop a comprehensive theology about it. Words and thoughts are adressed in more detail, and I think those principles also serve as a guide to music. Kinda like how our constitutional right to free speech is interpreted in terms of freedom of "expression", which includes performance "art", visual images, and other non-verbal forms of expression.

  6. That is awesome that God uses music to speak to you music is so powerful in that sense. He sometimes does with me too. God is awesome like that. Um beware Effect radio is quite different from Air1 and Klove...they reach a different crowd. But if you like it than yay...I like them all! I totally agree words can either give life or be life altering.

    Yea I totally agree if God isn't the center of it then it is secular. I don't think it matters what rhythm or beat it has. I agree with everything you said there.
  7. I totally agree a music that doesn't bring praises to the Lord is not acceptable as aChristian to listen just remembered those words by Christ himself "He is not with me is against me" Math 12:30 ​
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  8. It's so nice to see some people who are in agreement with me about this. There are so many people, who I know that call themselves Christians yet they are listening to highly secular songs and what's hip and in right now. I want to ask them why they listen to that and if they think that that is setting them apart from the world or not? But I haven't found the right words to point it out.
  9. Sad it's true these days ...People are getting stubborn to hear the truth and accepting it.
  10. I think the instrument making the music is inanimate therefore it can't "be" anything, accept what the musician makes it to be, a sound or collection of sounds
  11. But some secular music does later find itself being used in Christian settings. The examples I use are the hymns How Great Thou Art which is most commonly sung to a Swedish folk melody and To Be a Pilgrim which is usually set to Monks Gate, a traditional tune from Sussex, England.

    Would you suggest that these settings are somehow invalid as no Christian had any business knowing how they went in order to use them to set hymns to?
  12. While I agree that an instrument is inanimate, I think the choice of instrument can affect how a listener feels about a piece of music. A tune played on electric guitar with heavy distortion could conceivably stir up different emotions in a person to ones brought about by the same tune being played on the harp.

    That said, I don't think we can be sure what another person will think or feel. IMO much lies in the individual listener.

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