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  1. Music Ratings

    For a number of reasons, I've been going through the movies, games, and music I have over the past few months. I'm getting rid of anything that I feel is inappropriate, mostly due to language or sexual content.

    Well, with movies, everything R went, which left me with about a dozen PG-13 movies I need to sit through and decide if they are PG movies that have some minor thing added to get the PG-13 rating, or rated R movies that were SLIGHTLY tamed to skim by a PG-13 rating. But, it's only a few movies either way, so I got time.

    But with's so much harder. I have collected thousands of CDs over the years, and while I grabbed everything that I KNOW has suggestive and colorful's so much harder to figure out what else might be in there.

    Does anyone know of a music rating site that rates various artists according to Biblical standards? Just something to give me a good starting point on this monumentally hopeless task.
  2. I was thinking about doing that with my cds. I have collected well over 500 cds but recently have been listening to Christian rock and new age music. I have lots of cds that straight up horrible as far as Biblical standards... just can't seem to toss out that many
  3. Unfortunately, there is not a site like that I know of unless I dig for hours on Google. :D


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