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  1. mr selfish

    all this hurt because of 1 angel,who thought he knew best.must go down as the dumbest creature ever.
  2. True but remember he did make Eve sin, he simply tempted her and she fell.
    And yes he is the dumbest ever to rebel against God.
  3. 1 dummy angel...

    ...and then the armies of sinners who followed him later.:eek:

    Mr. Shellfish?
  4. I have to disagree. He tempted Eve and she ate then she took it to Adam. He knew it wasn't right but he said OK. I don't think that was very bright.
  5. Tell me about it, I've had an absolutely aweful day! :mad:
  6. the serpent was punished for tempting eve.i don,t think i would like be into advertisement.the tempter gets punished if lies are told.:)
  7. I believe 1/3 of God's angels rebelled with him as well, they are fools just as their father the devil is
  8. And people complain about the cost of a rib today! Think about how much it cost mankind in the beginning.:eek:
  9. God made the world in six days and then He rested. He made woman and no ones rested sense! LOL!

    In all honesty I am glad Adam gave up that rib- t it would be a terribly boring life with the ladies to add color and beauty to it.
  10. I agree, I just can't sound serious all the time.:)
  11. It is frustrating when you think about how all of this stuff happened because of one choice. Yikes. It's weird to think about it, though. If they hadn't sinned, many of us might not even exist. :eek:

    But, it did show God's amazing love for us when He came down and died on a cross to save us.'s incredible to think about.
  12. I truly believe that if they hadn't messed things up we would have.:eek:

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