Movie Trivia

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  1. Movie Trivia

    These are simple questions about a certain movie.
  2. On "Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy", What is the answer to the universe?????????
  3. 42...I Googled it, otherwise I wouldn't have known!

    In the Polar Express, what's the name of the poor/lonely boy?
  4. In the Indiana Jones movies...who or what is the real "Indiana Jones"?:D
  5. To: paradox,

    David i suppose

    and to: whirlwind,

    Harrison Ford I think
  6. The dog!:D

    Dr. Jones (dad): "We named the dog Indy!"

    Indiana Jones' real name was Junior.:)

    Whenever the two of them were in the same room and someone asked, "Dr. Jones?" they'd both turn and say, in unison, "Yes?"

  7. I should've known that
  8. The only reason I knew it was because I watched that movie again right before I posted the question, hee.:p

    What does the W. stand for in Clark W. Grizwald's name?
  9. Wilhelm.

    What was the name of Chevy Chase's character in the movie The Three Amigos?
  10. Really? Wilhelm? I didn't even know...I just knew Clark W. Grizwald, hee hee.

    Three Amigos...hmmm. I promise not to use a search engine, but just let me think on this one for a while...

    (muttering to himself: singing bush, sew like the wind...Dusty? No, wait. His son's name in Vacation was Rusty. El Guapo. My little buttercup...hmmm...)
  11. Was it Dusty?:eek:

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