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  1. Hi family, I look forward to "meeting" you guys :)

    My passion is relationship with God and the greatest commandment to love.

    I have a question that is always there for me. Regardless of what you feel the answer "should be", what things have honestly made you grow the most in your character? Meaning, you love people so much more as a result of this area of life. Was it good sermons, good books, people discipling you, reading the Bible, prayer, experiences you had, etc? If you were forced to choose one thing that has caused you to grow into a more loving person the most, what would it be? And why? You can't say a realization you had. You have to say what brought that realization. A friend? The Word? Etc...
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  2. Welcome to CFS, Michael!


    Right off the top of my head, the one thing that has changed me from being self-centered to outward focused because of love for others is the repetitious adversity I have suffered at the hands of people who have despised me and done me wrong. The experiences I have had with that have driven me to the arms of my loving Father, and in turn has given me a compassion for others that I had not experienced before, and still there is room for more, even now.
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  3. Michael, the "most" important thing to know that causes spiritual growth is God's Word. Read it, memorize it speak it, trust it over and above anything else in your life. As Jesus said....

    Joh 17:3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

    1Pe 2:2.. As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

    Knowing God is possessing eternal life. This can not be done without knowing the Word of God.
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  4. Hi Michael, welcome to CFS! For me it is a tie between reading the Bible and prayer. It would be hard for me to choose one of those over the other; they are both very important to me.
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  5. For me, I would have to say it is coming to know God, the closer my relationship has become with Him the more loving I have become. The opposite has also proven to be true in my life. The times I have drifted away from God, the less loving I noticed I became.
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  6. If I were to point to one thing, it would be in service to my Lord by being in service to those around me.

    Early in my Christian life (I accepted Christ in my Junior year of High School and am now retired), I was given a good start in Bible Study and after a while, in service to the church.

    I have felt closest to the Lord when I was serving those around me. It is not always a formal kind of service, although I do volunteer in community efforts.

    In recent years, I have made a more conscious effort to be a blessing to those around me.
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  7. Welcome Michael! Blessings of peace and joy be yours in abundance!

    For me it was God rescuing me from myself. Erasing the old ways and teaching me through a very anointed teacher the ways of God...and how to impliment them in my life. And God showing me how to connect (through prayer and reading the Word of God) to Him. How to commune with Him.
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  8. Welcome!!! :D

    I 100% agree with @CCW95A It's the word of God and applying it to your daily life! Dig into the Greek and Hebrew when you meditate to get the real meaning of the passage and don't forget to query the Holy Spirit (Author of the word of God) what He meant! ;)
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  9. Welcome Michael to this wonderful loving family here at CFS. I pray that your time here and fellowship will be as rewarding as I have found my time here to be. Now for your question.
    Once I actually grasped Gods love for me well it was allup from there. I mean how can you swim in His love and not begin to love others as He loves you ? The more time I spend with Him the more the more of Him that rubs off onto me and He is always teaching and preparing me or rather equipping to love like He loves.

    Welcome again and God Bless You
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  10. Hi michael!!all of those choice are correct! And to wrap it all, as for me ..our personal relationship to Jesus is the main cause of all, and everything will follow.
  11. I would have to say that the most influential thing has been the love that was shown to me for what seemed as no reason at all. The Gospel and also others showing me Christ's love through their actions.
  12. Welcome to CFS! Hope you have a great time here..

    Word of God.. And Holy Spirit shedding light on Word and making me realize so many wonderful truth. And then everything else.. sermons, books, bible studies with wife or friends..

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