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  1. Morpheus

    What is Morpheus? Whenever I do a virus scan on my computer viruses are found in a certain Morpheus file. :confused:
  2. Morpheus (besides being the character in The Matrix Movie played by [SIZE=-1]Laurence Fishburne[/SIZE]) was one of the mp3 file search softwares similar to Kazaa and Napster before it turned into something like iTunes. Many web pages are claiming that it contains spyware. However, I have never used it and do not know this to be a fact.
  3. No worries. :)
  4. Personally, I would uninstall the program.
    Many File sharing programs are used for sharing of illegal files.
    Not saying that you do though.
  5. Morpheus is old too, you don't want that kind of old junk on your computer either.

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