Morning After Pill

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  1. Morning After Pill

    FDA to allow morning-after pill over the counter for 17-year-olds -

    I am just frustrated and disgruntle with how these drug companies KNOW they can make a KILLING on these kinds of drugs. Being that this pill is fairly new, I guarentee you in a few years we are going to see the natural consequences in women's bodies because of this murder...

    Sorry, a bit passionate about this topic!! :mad:
  2. Something else you are going to see, an increase in child prostitution and sexually transmitted diseases.

    This makes the abortion pill so easy to get, and does not require any parental notification or perscriptions that "pimps" will be selling off their girls to people who prefer not using condoms and such. If they get pregnant, they just take the abortion pill the next morning.

    Not to mention an even further decline in personal responsibility and accountability among many of our young people. :mad:
  3. My heart is so disheartened on this topic.
    Our world's problem of course is they need God. Secondly, they need accountability. I can only hope and believe that teaching and training my children -with the world against me- will bring forth some sort of fruit and reach those young people before they are completely devoured. *sigh*
  4. It makes me sick also. It is definitely sending the wrong's ok to have unprotected sex, you can fix it with this pill. Never mind that in the meantime you might contract some kind of horrible disease.

    What about teaching, teaching and more teaching on abstinence instead.

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