Mom Is Mocking At Me Being A Christian. Advice Needed!

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  1. Okay so I was at my moms, and she keeps laughing at me and mocking me about me going to Church and not wanting to watch a movie about devil stuff. She called me a nun. She keeps p torturing me, I wanted to go home insted of sleeping over but I didn't want her to make a scene and yell at me, I'm scared to be there. My parents divorced a few years ago and I started living with my dad so my mom rarely saw me. I remember last year she had a curse written on the paper. Her sister is even worse and is a huge influence on her. They are really materialistic. I never expirienced motherly love, she thinks love is buying things. And when I tell her I don't care about things she mocks me saying "oh yea you're a saint. It's easy to be evil while going to chruch". I love my mom, but she makes me cry. Oh and also, I ran away from her when she let her sister in my room. Her sister was physically abusing me as much as mentally. Saying Church will fall on my head cause I'm such a sinner. She's atheist to mention, she told me Bible is a myth. I was 12.
  2. Tough spot; surround yourself with bible believers for support.
  3. I know you love your mother, but it does nothing good for her and nothing good for you to subject yourself to her abuse. Fortunately, as an adult, you can for the most part choose the limits and circumstances of your contact with her. When she becomes abusive, you can simply say, "I'm sorry you feel that way, " and leave. As you become older and stronger in your faith and self-confidence, you may tolerate a certain amount of her abuse for the sake of ministering to her, but when it becomes too much, it is best to leave for your health and to prevent her from further indulging her abusive urges.

    There are many possible reasons why your mother is the way she is, but it is really her responsibility to work those things out and not take them out on you. Your first responsibility at this point is to maintain your own spiritual and emotional health.
  4. I would refer to matthew 10:34-39 on this subject. I also have had much trouble with my mother, it has come to the point where I could not stay in my mothers house. No matter how much I tried my mother, for whatever reason, never seemed to love me and never supported me. The worst part is we would come to an agreement in private and my mother claimed to support me but when the time came in public she was a knife in my back.
  5. good advise rumely......:)
  6. How old are you now?
  7. Hold tight to your faith and pray often. Avoid the abuse, if at all possible. Pray for your mother also. You have a life to live as a Christian and God has a plan for you. Take care - God loves you!
  8. Set the example. God is always giving us unlimited opportunities to witness to the lost. Don't shove religion down her throat, but pray in front of her, pray for her, read your bible in the living room or somewhere she often is, or even play Christian music softly in the background of your room or house. By doing the little things it makes the change. You can't make a huge change without starting with little ones.
  9. Listen to Rumely and Paige. Their advice is really good.

    I, too, was abused not by my parents but by school bullies from elementary to high school. You have 3 choices: you can avoid them, confront them, or love them. I tried avoiding them but they would always find me. I tried confronting them but they had more friends than I did. So I started loving them, smiling at them, say hi to them, and became a "friend". Then the bullying went away.

    Sometimes, it's better to be a good friend FIRST then to be a good Christian. Help with her "needs". SHOW how much you love your mom. Understand why she is abusive towards you and keep loving her. After a divorce, one of the parents may be abusive toward their children because they are "projecting" their anger/stress to the kid vs their ex.

    We all go through "tests" in our lives. Practice UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and your mother will transform by the love of God.

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