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  1. Miracles

    Another old one:


    Miracles do happen
    We pray for them everyday
    We ask the good Lord above
    To send one our way

    Oh how there have been many a nights
    That I have gotten down on my knees
    And asked him to answer my pleas

    Yes I have had many blessings
    Given to me in my life
    And for that I have given thanks

    As growing and learning in my faith
    I have learned so much
    Learned not only can I ask
    But I must also take action in my life

    So with looking back
    At the last couple of weeks
    I ask myself
    Is this the Miracle
    Sent from above

    This total stranger
    Whom I have gotten to know
    Could he be the one
    The answer
    To my prayer that I prayed

    “Good Lord
    When I have healed
    And you know in your time
    Please send me a good Christian man
    That can be my Miracle to me”

    I look to my favorite scripture
    That I have shared with many

    Jeremiah 29:11
    “I have a great hope and future for you says the Lord”

    So I continue to say my prayers
    And ask the Lord
    For wisdom and guidance
    For he and only he
    Knows the path for me

    He truly knows above
    The Miracle that is meant for me

    December 2, 2005

    Hmmm seemed I knew back then but did not apply it.. :eek::eek:
  2. We all must grow in His grace. Do not be so hard on yourself as there is always someone who will volunteer to do it for you.
  3. Obviously I'm not a woman but I feel your honest to God heart in this one. I like the poem FW! I hope that you find true and Godly love from a man that will give you what you need - if that hasn't happed already keep waiting patiently, praying and doing what's right to the best of your abilities

  4. Hmmm seems I thought I had found it..but again it was on my understanding..not the Lord's.. the best of my abilities.. hmmmm
    that is for sure. A lot of times I have had the tendency to not give myself enough credit, more importantly..have not given my full love and thanks to the good Lord.. I am working on it.. through this forum I have found healing and strength and great wisdom. Thank you all!

  5. Thanks for sharing

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