Miracles happen even to the undeserving

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  1. Hi everyone. Please be patient, I am completely new at forums. My first attempt at a forum was two days ago...an atheist forum. All I wanted was to share some testimony stories of the undeserved miracles that have happened in my life over the last four years that saved my life and my bacon. I was an atheist until, 'like people in a crashing plane' I had no one else to ask for help so I gave God a go and He came through for me. I can even prove the miracles. The forum was not a happy place, the administrator was upset when I pointed out the healing of the amputated Roman soldiers ear and it got worse from there until I was banned from the site. I am not really sure what happened as I could not type fast enough to keep up with what was happening. So here I am, maybe there are people here that would like to hear a few testimonies that even my cynical lawyers started to refer to "my unfair advantage". Of course God is fair, what the lawyers were referring to was that whatever was thrown at me something supernatural seemed to assist me and they could not explain it. Oh what I have not explained is that I am a novice inunderstanding the Bible as well. I knew the Roman soldier story from school. So my experience of God is only from the practical. Speak soon, Graham
  2. I think you'll find this site a bit friendlier and a much better fit than the atheist forum. Welcome to our cozy corner of the cyber-world. Sadly, for most atheists its not so much that they can't believe in God, but that they won't.
  3. Thanks for the reply Rumely. It is quite strange when I look back and remember I had a thousand arguments against the existence of God, prior to having no options but to ask for His help. When I went on the atheists forum I could not type fast enough to counter their reasons. They got quite angry at the mere suggestion that their anger was fear. I explained that when I was an atheist I did not need to join a forum to keep convinciing myself that I was one. I thought that the ones that were on the forum were people were not completely sure whether there was a God or not. As I said I was too busy fighting spritual warfare to know much about the theology arguments and I did not know there was such animosity from atheists.
  4. Well, they're really just like most of us. When someone challenges our pet ideas, doctrines, political views, etc., it causes discomfort. It casts potential doubt on our thinking and decisions, which upsets our sense of equilibrium. The natural response is to react in anger and fear, seeking to fend off the source of the threat. I think, generally speaking, it's of little value to argue with an atheist in the sense of a debate. Of course, it is important to know what and why you believe and to be able to effectively share it; the trick is to do so while minimizing the perception of your message as a threat. If we can communicate to them that we value them as individuals (for whom Christ died and who, but for the Grace of God, we would be just like) and that we desire to share with them things which are wonderful, wonderous, and joyful, they will be more likely to be receptive to our message.

    I appreciate those who engage the atheists on their various forums, but they often endure a beating, as it were, and this is a good place to recuperate.
  5. Who are the undeserving? It has not happened for me, yet I do believe that God can pick up a train wreck of a person. His ways are weird to me and there is much I can make no sense in and much I can not hold together but funnily I have a feeling that if there was some task, he could almost more happily pick on the broken failure than say the Arch Bishop of Canterbury..
  6. Graham, I found your thread at the forum site you were banned on:

    I see that the moderators gave you several warnings to which you responded with:

    * I think I am going to be eliminated, is it called excomunication on this site ha. Not that it bothers me.
    * Don't worry about cancelling my account. I won't bother to come back any way.
    * It is a very sad forum of cynical people who wouldn't appreciate a good story, it would be far too positive for most on here.

    During your time there you referred to "cynical atheists" who "all seem very angry", and when asked to back up some of your claims, you said "just go to google."

    You also said: "AIDS is NOT transmittable through sex" and "Not even carbon dating has proved reliable."

    In one of your first posts you wrote, "The title 'Why won't God heal amputees' is rubbish,"
    which statement, members of the Why Won't God Heal Amputees forum probably considered a little impolite.

    And to a member named William you responded with: "In God's case size does not matter little willy."

    All in all, a very interesting read.
  7. Hello, Graham. I am very sorry to hear of your misfortune on that website.
    I did edit out the website, because posting other websites in posts are not allowed unless you have permission! Hope you understand =)
    But this forum, like Rumely said, is very friendly and we try to keep it that way! And I'm not just saying that just because I'm a moderator on here :p. I truly mean it. I love this forum site and not a member on any other forums. I used to be, but I never go on!

    Anyways, before you continue posting, please check out the following links!



  8. WELLLL Graham HI. This is the right place to discover the truth in GOD. I can relate to your story from past times, but now is now and time to grow in the Holy Spirit and truth. Hey Graham.. I welcome you to CFS, Please feel free to ask what ever is on your heart. we will do our best to help you out. O ya!!!! Welcome my brother from another mother :) God Bless you

    Chili out
  9. Hello xspinningisfun, could I have permission to put a link to the "other" forum in Reply #7 and in this reply as well. If not the link, could I post the name of the forum, please.

    Here are some of the comments left by atheists on the other forum after Graham was banned:

    * I'm disappointed that graham has resorted to lying to make us look bad
    * Interesting guy. Sociologists would love to study this kind of stuff.
    * He kept irritating the mods by posting his response above the quote to which he was responding ... The mods were sick of warning him on every message to correct his style but he ignored them until they solved the problem expeditiously.

    Considering some of the things Graham had said to them (see Reply #7 above) I think the atheists handled themselves quite well.
  10. I wonder if we need to bring that business to this forum? I'm inclined to leave it there. If issues arise in this site, we'll deal with them as they come up according to our TOS. I understand your concern, Snagglefritz, but let's give Graham a chance to chill here a little before becoming too confrontational. Remember, this is a "welcome" thread.:)
  11. We would really appreciate it if further discussion about Graham's activity at the other forums is sent via personal conversation to me or HisManySongs or xspinningisfun. Please stay on the topic discussed at the start. It will be closed otherwise.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  12. Sorry, other posts on other threads had led me to believe that situations like this were rather important to members of this thread forum.

    I'll say no more...

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