Meteor brightens night over Canada

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by univac, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Cool. Canadians always have more fun! :p;):cool:
  2. Depends on where you live in Canada. Those up even further north get to enjoy Northern Lights on a regular basis but for us it is a rare treat and they usually are not as vivid and colorful either.
    Still,the Okanagan (Southern Interior of British Columbia) is a pretty nice place to be for things like orchards, vineyards, warm swimming lakes and great gardening.:)
  3. Very cool. I have seen several small meteors but none like that.
  4. When it showed the video from the car, I could see myself thinking that was a nuke comming down. I would have been freaking out so much. ^.^;;

    Lucky Canadians... We should annex their country. Get some cool light shows in America!
    And cool hockey teams!
    And Syrup!

    ...I know very little about their culture. :D
  5. come up and see us sometime!

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