Meet God In The Morning

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  1. Meet God In The Morning

    If You Meet God in the Morning, He'll Go with you through the Day..

    "The earth is the Lord's
    and the fullness thereof"
    It speaks of His greatness,
    it sings of His love,
    And each day at dawning
    I lift my heart high
    And raise up my eyes
    to the infinite sky.....
    I watch the night vanish
    as a new day is born,
    And I hear the birds sing
    on the wings of the morn,
    I see the dew glisten
    in crystal-like splendor
    While God, with a touch
    that is gentle and tender,
    Wraps up the night
    and softly tucks it away
    And hangs out the sun
    to herald a new day....
    And so I give thanks
    and my hert kneels to pray
    "God, keep me and guide me
    and go with me today."

    Helen Steiner Rice


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