Matthew 9:8

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  1. At the end of this verse is something I think is odd.
    Now when the multitudes saw it they marveled and glorified god who had given such power to men.

    This power is a reference to the healing of a paralytic, but it says that this power was given to men, does that mean that we people can heal paralytics/other stuff?
  2. Well, Jesus, as "God made flesh", was not yet known as the "son of God" but clearly could be and would have been seen as a "son of man" (meaning a person or human being.) Healing is considered a "gift of the Spirit" (Holy), and faith healers with the "laying of hands" today, many times claim the heritage from Jesus. Certainly Jesus passed on all of the gifts to his Apostles. To my knowledge, healing done by "non medical" means is always attributed to God, not the one laying his hands on. I'm wondering if this is what you are asking and curious as to the why.
  3. That actually makes a lot of sense, I thought it was strange that it wasn't recorded as the crowd marveling at the works of god. The people not knowing that Jesus was indeed Emanuel would have believed as some do, that Jesus was another prophet like Elijah, and thinking about it this is referenced later with the question, "who do you say I am."
  4. yes to those who have faith and believe. you see jesus said in my name shall they cast out demons, speak in tongues and heal the sick. mark 16:16-18. we who believe only!!! those who dont will be condemned.
  5. Pamela, I feel the Holy Spirit within you. God wants no one condemned - He wants us all back.:)

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