Man dies on day he bought winning lottery ticket

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  1. I just heard that on the news tonight ...Imagine
  2. I think it is amazing. And the lady is such a sweet looking lady. However, this will spike people rushing to buy their lottery tickets in case they, too, can hit the jackpot. It is so sad that people spend money they really don't have to gamble.
  3. That's a big sum. Wonder what she'll do with it?
  4. You guys REALLY have to watch Waking Ned Devine. A man buys a lottery ticket, wins the jackpot and dies from the shock of it. His friends try to figure out what to do about the money (Ned has no living relatives.)
    A truly hilarious and wonderful movie.

    Waking Ned Devine - Movie Trailers - Preview -
  5. I’m going to buy a lottery ticket…
    As soon as God tells me to, or as soon as someone can explain how it is Biblical.

    I won’t be holding my breath.

    I’ve never checked for myself, but I’ve heard that most people who win the lottery end up spending everything and are in more debt than they were before.
    It’s just sad. :(
  6. This is all I have to say:

  7. I love the song sis but I am burned out on it as it seems to be played every 5 minutes on the local Christian radio. :eek::p
  8. I would love to have that kind of money, not for selfish reasons or to waste, but to setup businesses and just bless people.

    Imagine if every single person who played the lotto in America (as an example) gave the money they use on lotto tickets to the homeless, their lives would be changed around so much!
  9. My mom once dated a man, she broke up with him, he wanted to marry her...she found out later in life that he had won a considerable amount of money from the
  10. Gotta love irony. :D
  11. Very lucky old lady.
  12. Tragic really...:eek:

  13. Indeed.

    I’m sure she would give back everything, and then some, if she could have her husband back.
    And if she would rather have the money, that would be all the more unfortunate for her.

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