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  1. Recently, my prayers have been really bad. They are ALWAYS just the same old thing, and I know that God condemns vain babbling. Also, when I pray, I would usually pause to think about something to myself, which is not a good sign. Shows a lack of respect. How can I help me prayers?
  2. First suggestion is to ask Go to teach you how to pray.

    Try to use the Lords prayer as an example. Praise and thanksgiving is a part of prayer. And praying in faith. Something else is that God is pleased when we pray the Bible back to Him. Like using Ephesians 1:16-23 to pray for others. Or even Psalms 91 to pray over yourself and others. Lots of military people pray Ps 91 over themselves and their friends for protection.
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  3. Thanks for that suggestion. I'm gonna use it.
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  4. I learned that if I start my prayers with thinking about how great God is and saying it at loud, my prayers are much better and I really enjoy that time. I try to be honest and not to repeat "Christian phrases" - God wants to hear what I really think.
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  5. Juk, it's important when praying to speak from the heart. It doesn't matter if what you pray only has a few words, as long as it's from that heart, that's all that matters.
    You're right too, babbling happenes because we feel we must sound grand and have length in prayers.
    Some of my prayers are over in 5 seconds. :)
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  6. Jesus and the Father were short and to the point (because Jesus only said what the Father told Him to).
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  7. Often I have done prayers like rituals.. A proper prayer for me has to start with praises.. There are so many things to give thanks to Lord.. If we recap a single day, there are numerous things to give thanks.. Once we start with that, humbleness comes.. Then Lord directs me on what I "need" rather than "want". If I don't approach prayer with humble heart, I start asking for my wants! I would suggest to just spend time praising. Give thanks.. And see how it changes things..
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