Love And Purity

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  1. Thursday, December 12, 2013, 8:00 a.m. – the Lord Jesus put the song “Open My Heart” into my mind when I sat down to have my quiet time with him this morning. Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. I read 1 John 3 (ESV).

    As He Is Pure

    Everyone who hopes in God purifies himself as God is pure. To be pure means to not be mixed with any other substance, and to be clean and free from impurities. Impurities are substances which adulterate or contaminate something (Encarta). If something is adulterated or contaminated, it is soiled, polluted, foul, dirty, et al. The Bible lists for us many ways in which our lives can be polluted and adulterated with impurities, yet it also names several main categories which involve this mixing with other things: 1) Spiritual Adultery, 2) Idolatry, and 3) Syncretism - the mixture of beliefs or religions.

    As followers of Christ, we are married to Jesus Christ. When we give our hearts, passions, desires, time, talents and loyalty and devotion to the things of this world or to the people of this world, in place of or over and above God, or when we give our time and talents to do things for God, but we withhold from him our submission and obedience to his will and to his purposes for our lives, this is spiritual adultery. We cannot be in the practice of being partakers and participators in willful sin and in the values, philosophies, and evil practices of this sinful world, which stand against God, and still abide in Christ. The two don’t mix. Also, when we chase after the pleasures of this life, self-gratification, humanistic ideologies, material possessions, fame and/or other human beings to bring us joy, peace, satisfaction and fulfillment in this life instead of looking to our Lord Jesus to meet all of our needs, this is idolatry. And, when we mix our worship of God with the worship of what is antichrist; with other humans, false doctrines and teachings, greed, or what is worldly, this is syncretism.

    So, how do we purify ourselves? To purify means to cleanse, refine, decontaminate and to get rid of or to remove impurities. First of all, we must pray and ask God to show us all impurities in our lives; all idolatries or mixtures with what is worldly or pagan, and then we must be willing to part with all he puts a finger on in our lives. Then, we must yield to his Lordship over our lives and rely on his power and strength within us to reject and to rid our lives of all that is impure and to replace these with what is of God (See Eph. 4-5).

    We Know Love

    What is love? It can be many things, but when God says we should love others or love him, what does he mean? HELPS Word Studies defines the word translated as “love” this way:

    Exactly! When God tells us to love others, he means for us to love as he loves, in his power and direction; allowing Christ Jesus to live His life through us, and to minister Christ’s love to those whom he brings into our lives. So, when we love with this kind of love, we will not be selfish, dishonest, disingenuous, purposefully hurtful, or revengeful. We will not require tit-for-tat, i.e. the repayment of a wrong (or perceived wrong) or injury suffered by inflicting equivalent harm on the doer (Source: Encarta), or require that others do for us as we have done for them. We will not tell people lies, even if we mean to encourage them through false flattery, and we will not lie to them in order to save our own skin or to try to mask our own evil intentions or motivations. And, we won’t do for them or say to them just what we think will get us liked in return, but we will always consider what is truly in their best interest and what will meet their genuine needs, but not necessarily their wants. This type of love will be willing to lay down its life, and will be prepared to be hated in return in order to demonstrate Christ’s love to others. Remember Jesus was despised, hated, rejected, mocked, accused falsely and killed because he loved people with God’s love. True love for others is sometimes “tough love.”

    As well, this type of love is not talk only, but is action. If we say we love others, or we love God, but our actions speak just the opposite, by God’s standards, not by human standards, then we are just mouthing empty words. We must put our feet where our mouth is and demonstrate Christ’s love, not just by the things we say, but by the things we do.

    Open My Heart / An Original Work / July 2, 2013

    “Be wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil”(Rm. 16:19b).

    Open my heart. Let Your truth in.
    Make of me a servant, pure within;
    Sing of Your praise all of my days.
    Let Your Spirit transform all my ways.
    Jesus Christ died on a cross to
    Save me from my sin.
    “Repent of sin. Be cleansed within.
    Obey all of His commands today.”

    “Why do you doubt? Why do you fear?
    Jesus Christ will wipe away your tears.
    He cares for you. He feels your pain.
    Die to sin, and life with Him you’ll gain.
    Follow Him where’er He leads you.
    Talk with Him each day.
    Then you will know what He has planned
    For your life before your world began.”

    “Come unto Me, weary in heart.
    Let My love and grace to you impart.
    Believe in Me. Trust in My care.
    Take your burdens to the Lord in prayer.
    He will meet all of your needs,
    And give you peace within.
    Rejoice in Him! Tell of His love.
    He will give you comfort from above.”

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